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Total makeover…incredible results! Dr. Williams is incredible. As a high profile professional speaker I was ashamed to smile. My teeth were yellow, cracked and worn. In one day with his Sedation Dentistry techniques, he completely rebuilt my entire mouth. I woke up to a new smile, completely painless and stress-free. Every day I receive compliments on my smile and I am supremely confident now to smile in public. He is so good, my wife is now getting ready to undergo the same procedures. We have recommended him to many close friends and, without exception, everyone is thrilled with his over-the-top personalized service and genuine care for his patients. His work is world-class and his integrity beyond belief…Call him, even if you have to travel as many do. It's worth it!

Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG

Dr. Bill Williams is an incredibly gifted cosmetic dentist. I have had the opportunity to meet and interview many of his patients, people who have experienced dramatic results, the kind of results which have really changed their lives. He is truly gifted and he really cares about his patients. As a television show producer, I am so glad to have covered the true life extreme makeovers he is giving to his patients.

Donna Davis
Television Producer
Innova Productions, Inc.
Marietta, GA

Dear Suwanee Dental Care, just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful treatment that I received at Suwanee Dental. This morning, the new dentist that I am seeing here in Columbus Ohio and her staff commented on the excellent bridgework done by Dr. Williams and his staff. They specifically wanted to know who treated me and where they were located.

I never hear of the word "pockets" whenever I go in for check ups any longer and I have never been in better dental health, thanks to the treatment and dental health advice I got from Suwanee Dental. My dental treatment took a long process but every step was well worth it. Dr. Williams, I still remember you called me that evening to make sure that I was not in pain from the work we had done on my teeth earlier in the day.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting soon... Even if just to sit on the nice massage chairs installed just before I left Georgia.

God Bless,
Michael Waitathu
Dublin, Ohio

Hello Dr. Williams!

Having worked with creative people all of my career, I know an artist when I see one. And you, my friend, are indeed an artist! I just got home and flashed my beautiful new smile for my husband Richard, and he was just amazed! I feel like a new person! You know, I had not been smiling for such a long time because my teeth were so chipped. I started to notice these ugly little lines beginning to form around my mouth because I never exercised those "smile muscles" any more. I felt old and ugly! But I hesitated to go see a dentist because it had been so long. I was embarrassed, and my past experiences with other dentists had sometimes been not positive. I had a dental phobia I just couldn't conquer.

But I had heard great things about Suwanee Dental from several sources. I am so thankful that I put my fear aside long enough to email you that first message a few months ago. Your prompt return email, your concern, warmth, and gentle reassurance made such a difference! The sedation was a great first step, but you are so positive and reassuring… I don't think I'm going to need it any more. And all of a sudden-my smile is back! Just think! My husband had to drive me for my first appointment with the sedation, which was a breeze. But today-I actually drove myself.

The attention to detail and the craft you exhibited in making my new crowns look just perfect and beautiful… well, it reminded me of watching a sculptor work on a piece of art. I'm not kidding… you really are an artist!

I can't tell you what a difference this is making in my life. People tell me I look "different" (in a good way!) and I feel like a new woman. Those little age lines have gone.

I also look forward to the next step. It's such a blessing not only to look better, but more important, to be rid of a serious psychological barrier to my health. See-you aren't a dentist who is also an artist, but you are a psychologist too!

Many blessings, and I will see you again soon!

Holley Calmes
Hiawassee, GA

October 14, 2013

Dear Dr. Williams

My name is Tasha Dennis and I am a new patient to your practive. About a month ago, I heard you give an interview regarding mission on AM 970 WNIV Christian Talk radio. I was intrigue and visited your website that evening to check you out.

I am a four year breast cancer survivor. To be honest, for the past four years, the care of my teeth sort of went to the back burner. Don't get me wrong, I brush and floss after meals and have always had good oral hygiene, with regular preventative appointments, etc., until I got sick. My medical expenses have just been so great; I just figured I could "wait" on my teeth. What I didn't realize was the impact of the aftermath the chemo and radiation (even years later) would have on my body, including my teeth. So over the past year, I've visited six different dentist offices to get a true comprehensive plan for ALL of the work I need to have done (and it's a lot). And while all of the offices I visited were very, very nice, they were either not equipped to handle all the work I needed in one office or I just didn't feel comfortable (can't explain the latter). After reading through your site and seeing the great work you and your associates have done for so many people (missions abroad and missions right here in the local communities), I was so impressed, I felt compelled to call and schedule an appointment.

My first encounter was with Linda. Linda is wonderful. Linda is on the front line and perhaps she is the first person anyone who calls or walks in the door will encounter. You should now that Linda is truly Suwanee Dental Care's Ambassador and she represents your office in a very positive way! She is polite and patient and as a new patient, that means a lot to me! Then I met Deanna. Deanna is great! She put me at ease and explained everything step by step. I had a lot of questions and she answered each one with care and did not make me feel I was asking too many questions. My next encounter was with Dr. Schalk, but I am going to reserve my thoughts about him for the end of my letter. Jamie is the best! If she had run for President in 2012, she would have my vote! I can tell she wears many hats! She checked me out, but not only did she check me out, she offered me a flower and a bottle of water for my drive back to Sandy Springs (where I live) and gave me her card in case I had any follow-up questions. She has been my go-to- person for my follow-up questions and/or requests. Jamie also arranged my visit with Angie to discuss the financial portion of my treatment plan. I met with Angie the following week after my initial visit. Angie's role is probably more painful than the actual dental work - delivering the cost news! But her gentle, soft-spoken (but right to the point) demeanor makes that part of the process not so bad at all! In fact, I wish all of my "here's what it will cost you" visits could be with Angie!

Miss Mona - what can I say about her?! Well, first, she needs to go to dental school and become a dentist someday, but she assisted Dr. Schalk during my "marathon" treatment visit, part 1, this past Friday, October 11th. Mona is amazing! She is professional, friendly, polite, competent and really hard working. Her work ethic is high-level. I really appreciate that. I asked about the baby pictures on the wall and she lit up like Christmas tree as she shared with me about her little baby Anthony. I felt so guilty keeping her (and Dr. Schalk) so late working on the entire right side of my mouth until very late Friday night, especially with a baby waiting at home! Anyway, she assured me my treatment was important and not to worry about the time. That was very nice and she too, sent me on my way with a flower and a bottle of water for my drive back to Sandy Springs after a long, but successful treatment day!

Amazing Dr. Schalk... so, when I made my initial appointment, I made it to see you. But you weren't available on the day I was able to come in. I was asked if I wanted to see another doctor who had the same availability. I was reluctant, but I explained I had extensive work to be done and was willing to see someone else who could and would be willing to take on my case. Dr. Schalk was recommended. As much as I wanted to meet you and tell you how much I enjoyed and was personally moved by your missions work, I am so very happy and grateful I have Dr. Schalk as my new dentist! He is truly a blessing to me! He, o course, shares all of the other qualities I mentioned before about the other members of your team - professional, polite (he's extra polite), friendly, extremely competent, hardworking, gracious, and I can go on. But Dr. Schalk is passionate about dentistry and helping patients. His passion for what he does comes through so strong, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that as well as his high-level of work ethic. You have a great man and partner on your team! He's truly awesome!

I am so sorry for the long letter, but appreciate your time reading it. I had to write to tell you how glad I am to have been in my car on just the right day, at just the right time to catch the middle of your interview about missions abroad and at home. That was no coincidence. God was at work and answered my prayers in my search to find the RIGHT dentist... He led me to your office and to your amazing team of professionals!

Thank you to you and your entire staff,
Tasha Dennis

P.S. Please enjoy breakfast on me!