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Patient Testimonials

I first met Dr. Bill Williams in about 1991. My husband and I had recently moved to the area, and needed a dentist. I liked Dr. Bill's ad in the yellow pages, so I made an appointment. At my first visit, I could tell that this was no ordinary dentist.

Bill and his staff seek to develop a relationship with their patients, and view dental care as a part of each patient's life. They recognize that a person's emotional and spiritual well being are important, and must work together with physical well being, which includes good dental health. They also know that having a bright, healthy smile can boost a person's confidence.

Bill Williams has always been on the cutting edge in dentistry, and truly a pioneer in his field. My husband and I have always been confident that we were getting, literally, the best, most advanced dental care in the world, whether it was routine cleanings, or sophisticated orthodontic or periodontal treatment. We have referred countless friends and family members to his practice.

I am very grateful to Dr. Bill, his wife Sheila, and their staff for the expert and gentle care I have received over the years. I now have the smile I have always dreamed of, and regularly get compliments on my teeth. I give all the credit for that to Dr. Bill, and I thank God for giving Bill Williams such talent, and for leading me to "the world's greatest dentist" so many years ago.

Nancy Boger
Longtime Patients (Over 16 years)

Complete "Health-Driven" Cosmetic Makeover

Dear Dr. Williams,

My initial decision concerning my teeth was to have all of the old metal fillings removed. I had developed some health issues and in researching treatments several articles mentioned mercury poisoning from old dental work as a possible cause. My name could have been at the top of the list of side effects of mercury poisoning. My local dentist did not agree. Thus began my search for a dentist willing to remove all of the metal in my mouth and replace with all natural products. My best friend was helping research and you just happened to be her dentist. I was also in the middle of divorce proceedings after being married for many years. Before coming to my first appointment I decided I needed to do something positive for myself to make me feel better. I wanted a "divorce smile." I wanted straight white teeth. You assured me you could give me a great smile.

My smile is better than I imagined it would be. I find myself smiling all of the time. The biggest impact this has had on my life so far is my level of self esteem and confidence has improved dramatically. My students have notice that there is something different about me, but they haven't figured it out. They have commented on how happy I am all of the time. My health is also improving. I have more energy and feel like a new person in just the first few weeks.

Thank you for giving me a new smile and improving my overall health.

Dr. Marietta Webb
Academic Success Center
Columbus, GA

I have known Dr. Williams for years and have always been very impressed by his professionalism while being extremely personable and light hearted. He is a fun loving guy and great at what he does. Dr. Williams has also been my dentist for going on 8 years now and over the years I have watched the facilities get better and better. Complete with a top end customer service, they will even get you a beverage upon request while you sit and wait for your appointment in the massage chairs or surf on the free wi-fi. The organization of the staff is impeccable as well and their use of current media outlets for communication. Currently, as of this week, we began my Invisalign treatment using new technology that was created not too long ago. I love them. The process of getting started was quick and painless. He is the one that recommended that we go this route rather than "regular braces." Now, to understand the magnitude of what we are dealing with here, I have a gap in my front teeth with an impacted K-9. He assured me that everything will go great and I could not be more confident in that. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows this industry better than anyone I know. Can't wait till the end result.

Andy Velo

Dr. Williams and his staff are the best! I have nothing but the highest regards for their services, and Dr. William's ability as a dentist. He is one of the few that can "do it all" right in his office without referring patients out to other "specialists". Dr. Williams replaced all of the crowns on my upper teeth that had been done close to 20 years earlier. He suggested that he raise the gum line using a laser, which was painless, and it improved the quality of my smile tremendously.

Having spent several hours in his chair, I know first hand of the sensitivity with which Dr. Williams treat his patients and the excellent results of his work. I cannot imagine having this amount of work done by anyone else. I simply cannot find words to express my gratitude for his talent and care as a professional.

Jennifer Davis

Dr. Bill Williams is a man of vision and purpose. His vision is to use his unlimited talents in dentistry to bring health and longevity to the smiles of each patient who walks into his office.

By touching and impacting the lives of others for the glory of God, he extends his services through missions outreach across the world. His love for God, family and peoples near and far is reflected in his purpose to give and use his expertise in every way he can. He is truly a man of integrity, which is clearly seen in every aspect of his life.

Not only is our family's dental health the best it has ever been, but Dr. Williams and his wonderful professional staff make every visit a pleasurable and relaxing experience. One of the greatest honors of my life is to know him as a brother in Christ and have him as our family dentist.

Candice Felice
Cherokee Crossroads
Dacula, GA

Dr. Williams performed oral surgery in a number of areas of mouth to remove tori (bone growths) in the floor and roof of my mouth, as well as the exterior portion of my upper and lower jaw on both sides. The results were phenomenal! I wouldn't have trusted any other dentist with this work and highly recommend him for difficult or uncommon procedures, as well as regular dental care. The 3 hour surgery was painless and the recovery was quick. Most importantly, the surgery was a tremendous success — I can eat anything I want without discomfort, and even my facial appearance is back to normal. I didn't realize how my jaws were changing shape until I saw myself after the surgery!


Very Happy Patient

Sleep Apnea – Snoring Treatment

Six months ago, I was having some major work done to my teeth. Doctor Williams was talking about how strong my bite was and the grinding of my teeth. He told me I needed a bite guard to wear to help me from grinding so much (and destroying my new dental work). I told him I snored a lot and my wife was worried that I might have sleep apnea. Dr. Williams said the special mouth guard he would make was for that also. Since I have been wearing the mouth guard he made for me I do not snore any more and I sleep great. My wife calls it a miracle. So I say thanks for saving my life and my marriage.

Wyatt Jones

Extreme Makeover – Dr Bill is a visionary who implements his professional and personal goals with the highest integrity and willingly invests in the lives of others who have no direct means to repay his trust and confidence in them. He demonstrates practical caring that transforms people and his community.

Dr. Clifford and Diane Garrison

For years I've had periodontal problems, pain, and suffered from poor dentistry. Being new to the Atlanta area, I was in need of a local dentist and my neighbor recommended Dr. Williams at SDC. I had broken a filling and called the office to set up my first appointment. My first visit was a tour of the facilities, meeting of the staff, x-rays and dental assessment. I will say that when I received my treatment plan, my hair caught on fire. I was VERY upset! I came in to fix a tooth and they were re-working my entire mouth. Well…. After sitting down with his staff and reviewing the treatment, I decided to go ahead with the plan. I do not have dental insurance, so I needed a loan, and his staff was very helpful referring me to many low interest options. For the first time in a decade, I can say that I am now pain free! I had gum surgery, extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges and fillings done. Everyone at SDC did their best to insure that I was always comfortable during any procedures being performed. They always followed up to check on me, they really cared. The cheapest deal isn't always the best, you have to spend wisely these days. I definitely got what I paid for and years of eating and enjoying my own teeth.

Michelle S.

As a health care professional, I would highly recommend Dr William Williams and the team at Suwanee Dental Care for all your dental needs. When I went to my first appointment, I was impressed by the ambiance of the office decor, the promptness of appointment time and how they maintained the schedule, the professional staff that rendered care and their knowledge of not just the equipment, but how the care of the mouth effects other parts of the body. I also appreciated how the practice strives to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry to provide high quality dental care while using a holistic approach. Dr Williams is not only knowledgeable, but also personable to the patient and I highly recommend him. I will always be a loyal patient to the practice!

Dollie Sauls, R.N.
Narok, Kenya