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Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Williams:

"It's like a miracle!"" were the first words I said when I looked in the mirror after you finished my complicated dental work. I could hardly believe my eyes.

I found your dental practice on the Internet while looking for someone who could reconstruct my smile AND deal with my extreme phobia. Bad teeth run in my family, and after many painful experiences beginning at the age of sixteen, I developed such a phobia that I just quit going to the dentist. Many of my teeth deteriorated, several were missing, and I could hardly chew my food by the time I came to see you.

I'm a pretty sensible, responsible person, but for some reason I simply could not deal with dental work, and I dreaded the reaction of the first dentist to see me in a decade. But I was in for my first pleasant surprise! You were utterly nonjudgmental, and focused only on what improvements we could make. You had a calm, can-do attitude, reassured me that conscious sedation would make all the difference, and put me completely at ease.

After two visits under conscious sedation (I could never have had this work done any other way) where you prepared my mouth for quite a number of implants and crowns, I was even able to let you actually put the crowns and implants in without any sedation at all. Nice progress for someone who used to break into a cold sweat, cry, and sometimes faint when a dentist even entered the room.

Now I have a full set of teeth again, my smile looks great, and I don't have to worry about the health problems that can develop when we don't take care of our teeth. It like a miracle! Thanks for being so kind and competent. You're my dentist for life.



P.S. Your staff is as kind and competent as you are. Please convey my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped me through this process.

Dear Dr. Williams,

I have to say that going from a closed mouth smile to an open and happy smile due to the work Dr. Williams has done to my teeth has made me so very happy. How very pleased I am. Friends and family ask me to show them off all the time. I am proud and pleased to recommend anyone to Dr. Williams for any oral work they may need. Already my daughter and grandson have joined in having "a new, happy smile" for themselves. I will continue to recommend your services any time.

Shirley Pfaffinger

The Suwanee Dental Care office with Dr. Williams & his team has been a pleasure to visit every time. Dr. Williams & his team have helped me achieve a level in dental hygiene and cosmetics that I did not previously consider attainable. The care, patience, and attention to detail won me over again and again. I especially value Dr. Williams being conservative in his dental approach and always striving for excellence in everything he does. Walking into the office I feel like valued. Every person treats me with respect and warmth. It only follows that visits to the dental office is now a pleasurable experience — something I never thought I would be able to say! I am so relieved that I found this office — I can smile with confidence again!

Sam Cloete

I've been to many dentists over the years, but none with the vision and expertise of Dr. Williams and his staff. The office staff strives to make you feel at home, and the hygienists and assistants are experienced and compassionate. There is a strong emphasis on education and preventive dental care in the practice. I originally consulted Dr. Williams about Lumineers veneers. As it turned out, Lumineers weren't the right choice for me, but Dr. Williams and Suwanee Dental definitely were. My comfort level was a constant concern during all procedures, appointments were kept on time and the front desk worked me in several times on very short notice. I'm thrilled with my cosmetic result as well as with having found a dentist for life. I would recommend Dr. Williams to any and everyone without hesitation.

Olivia T.
Cumming, GA

Dear Dr. Williams,

I starting going to Dr. Williams about eight years ago with a wide range of problems. First, he treated my TMJ problems which I had for years. He did an extensive workup to determine the problems and one of the problems was my wisdom teeth. He removed my wisdom teeth and started replacing my old mercury fillings and correcting some poor dental work I had done previously. He did about 11 crowns and also put me in braces. There was no pain or discomfort and I am happy with the results and am proud of my smile and often get compliments on my beautiful teeth. I was scared to go to the dentist, but no longer as Dr. Williams has calmed my fears. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Williams to my friends. My grandson will soon be in braces and I have selected Dr. Williams to do them. The office is state of the art, the staff is always polite and helpful. Thank you Dr. Williams for a great smile.

Linda K.

Invisalign Orthodontics: M. Janet Beyer

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of my Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Hope this is useful.

As a teenager the dentist I had never mentioned braces, back then only the rich kids got them and we certainly were not rich. As I grew older I knew that I would be happier with my teeth if they were straight but I wasn't about to wear regular braces as an adult.

Dr. Williams mentioned to me several times if I was interested but I really didn't want a mouth full of metal. When Invisalign came out I questioned Dr. Williams about them but still kept putting off getting them until I noticed that my teeth were getting worse.

I finally decided it was time to do something about it.

Dr. Williams checked all the data and measured and decided that I was a candidate for Invisalign. I had to wear the bottom of the set for 24 weeks and the top for 54 weeks. The braces were not painful at all (a little tight the first day after changing to a new set) and because you don't eat with them in and take them out to brush you are able to keep your teeth and breath very fresh.

The Invisalign fit so well and show so little, only two people ever noticed that I was wearing braces and they both had either worn them or knew someone who had worn them. My twin sister who I see every day never noticed. After six months of wearing them I finally showed them to her one day when we were going to breakfast and I needed to remove them. She couldn't believe it.

This is probably one of the best investments I have made. I am extremely happy with the look of my teeth now and (I hate to admit) I actually think I take better care of my teeth and gums now.

M. Janet Beyer

James Norman

Look up Dentist in the dictionary and you will see a photo of Dr. Williams. To put it plainly, the man knows his stuff. I had the good fortune of discovering the Suwannee Dental Care website when I was in need of a major overhaul. We are talking some gum disease, extractions, root canals, and bridges.

Dr. Williams provided me with his diagnosis, plan of attack and cost. I started the procedures and now have beautiful and functional teeth.

If anyone is looking for a dentist who is knowledgeable, efficient, skilled and who continually strives to improve himself and his practice, Dr. Williams is your man.

I would further venture to say Dr. Williams is one of those rare individuals whose abilities in his profession border on that of a gift.

I would highly recommend him for any and all dental needs.

Thanks Doc,
James Norman

Dear Dr. Williams,

Jane is very pleased of your expertise and professionalism — amazing what IQ, hard work and determination can accomplish in a complicated field of study such as Dentistry.

Jim Maran

"Dr. Williams has been our family's dentist for eight years. Suwanee Dental Care is Gwinnett's source for cosmetic dentistry… you'll see why at their must-see web site…"

Jim Maran
Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

Comprehensive Treatment

I've been to many dentists over the years, but none have been remotely like Suwanee Dental. The energy is warm, compassionate and family-like while, at the same time, being extremely professional and efficient. I've had several experiences in the office including deep cleaning, crowns, fillings and extensive cosmetic veneers and couldn't be happier with the results. I'm definitely a huge fan of Dr. Williams and his dental vision and will be a patient for life!


My introduction to Dr. Williams was a personal call from him in response to an email query I had sent after reviewing the web site. This conversation gave me the opportunity to express my fears and hesitations. After reassuring me, he invited me to come in for a consultation. At this consultation, I was asked what I did not like about my smile; following a workup, he gave his evaluation and suggested a treatment plan and options. The decisions were left up to me. He has since completed the work and today, I no longer worry about my teeth. I know that I can be pain free and can come to this wonderful place of gentle dentistry to address any problems that may arise.

Pam Blaesing