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The dentists and hygienists are patient and informative. Their practice uses the latest technology. I had my teeth cleaned recently and it really did not hurt as it did at another office I visited. I would definitely recommend Suwanee Dental Care. The service is incredible.

Posted 06/30/2005 on

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Williams for twenty years. He has done my ortho and my implants. My teeth look great! Everyone there is very caring. Dr. Williams can do anything! He has made my smile ! Thanks doc you're the best!

Seth Higgins

Posted 04/05/06 on DOCTOROOGLE.COM

Dear Dr. Williams,

Twenty Five years ago my husband started going to Dr. Williams. He was in need of extensive gum surgery, and crowns were needed. He was very confident that he was going to the best Dentist in the world. I had already been established with another dentist along with our two sons. My husband always wanted me to change to his dentist, and when my dentist retired I finally changed.

The past two years I personally had some issues with my front teeth. Old resins, cracking, and yellowing. Working with the public everyday I was very conscientious and embarrassed to even smile. But working with the Staff and Dr. Williams there was a plan to do bonding and some straightening on my upper front teeth. What a difference that made with my confidence, and I am so proud of my new look!

Dr. Williams is truly amazing in his expertise, knowledge, and caring for others. I would highly recommend him for everyone's dental care


Rebecca Miller

I have been a patient of Dr. Williams for over twenty years. When I first became his patient I was in need of gum surgery and several crowns. We made a plan to do the work that I needed over a period of time, an this worked out very well with my insurance and also my pocketbook. From the start I was very impressed with the skill, knowledge and professionalism that Dr William has, and also requires of all the staff.

He has always been on the cutting edge of his profession, and is always updating his equipment to the best available. My most recent visit to him was to get a new crown, and with the help of his new (CEREC 3) 1 had the new permanent ceramic crown and was out o the chair within 1 hour 15 minutes. I would recommend Dr. Williams and his staff to anyone. They are the best.

Conrad Miller

About Orthodontics-Reconstruction-Veneers

When I moved to Atlanta, I had to find a new dentist. Previous experiences with dentists made me hesitant to seek care as needed regularly. When I called the office at Suwanee dental care I was received politely and was given the credentials of Dr. Williams. The staff informed me that Dr. Williams was certified to perform all dental procedures without referral to a specialist. I was duly impressed.

I scheduled an appointment and was relaxed by the comfortable office environment, received kindly by the office staff, the dental staff, and by Dr. Williams himself. This put me at ease. After initial exams and cleanings, I told Dr. Williams that I really needed to do something with my teeth because they were in disrepair. Dr. Williams prescribed a hygiene plan and provided a written step-by-step plan to improve the health and appearance of my teeth. I have never had this long-term vision from a dentist. This plan let me decide how to approach each step, with a goal always in mind. I frequently travel with my job and was able to plan each step to fit into my schedule.

Dr. Williams first improved the overall health of my teeth through state of the art procedures, and then performed restorative work that has changed the appearance of my teeth to what I have always wanted.

Dr. Williams and his staff really care, I can tell, and regular visits are now something that I plan diligently. My teeth look great, are healthy, and pleasing to see in the mirror.

The other part that impressed me about Dr. Williams is his charity dental work in the U.S. and annual trips to Africa to provide dental care for those that have no dental care available.

In summary, I have to say I am very fortunate to have benefited from truly remarkable dental care.

I recommend Dr. Williams for the best dental care possible.

Douglas A. Gilmore

I was diagnosed with TMJ in January,2001 with numbness in my jaw and face, suffering headaches and had ringing in my ears. I was treated with neuromuscular stimulation and facial massage and eventually fitted with a titanium pain release splint.

In July, 2004, I made the decision to further improve my condition by starting the process of having porcelain crowns made to improve jaw-joint function and position. This would eliminate the need to wear the titanium pain release splint. I was a bit hesitant to start the process but was at a point where I either had to keep wearing the splint or have the improvements made and move forward. I had the 8-hour procedure, which involved putting in temporary crowns, done on March 17, 2005. After several weeks of healing, my new crowns were ready and were put in on April 13, 2005.

I am extremely happy that I went forward with the procedure. I love my smile again and my teeth feel great. I have no numbness or jaw pain, I have not had a headache in months and have no ringing in my ears. I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone who is considering having it done. Dr. Williams and his staff were wonderful and supportive and always sent me home with a new smile and a fresh flower

Kay Schultz

My smile shows how pleased I am with my experience at SDC. Dr. Williams and his entire staff were thorough and flexible. Their expertise was evident from the get-go. I did not plan on getting my bottom teeth done — just a replacement of the top crowns that were never fitted right. But I was so pleased with the results on the top that I decided to go ahead and brighten my entire smile. This was very emotional to me since my teeth had been discolored for as long as I can remember due to antibiotics when I was very young. I could not help but cry (with joy) when at last I saw my new smile!

Thank you Dr. Williams and staff!
Sandi Ordner

From the Gwinnett Gladiators:


There is no doubt that Suwanee Dental Care is an excellent choice for people in Gwinnett when it comes to their personal dental needs. From our experience, it has been easy to surmise that Bill Williams built his business through honesty, quality work, integrity and belief in community. The relationship has blossomed beyond his professional duties as the Official Team Dentist of the Gladiators — an important job, as you might imagine, for a professional hockey team. Many of our employees now use Suwanee Dental Care for their personal dental care needs as well.

It is my belief that, in most cases, people simply want to do business with someone that they like and trust. You'll find that with Bill Williams and his associates at Suwanee Dental Care. They care about their product, their image, their patients and their community. We are proud of our affiliation with Suwanee Dental Care. We protect our smiles through them.

Steve Chapman
VP/General Manager
Gwinnett Gladiators
2003-2004 ECHL Central Division Champions
ECHL Affiliate of the Atlanta Thrashers

(Above photo is Kris Goodjohn, Team Forward.)

Todd Rawlins: Neuromuscular / Tetracycline Makeover

Dear Dr. Williams,

My story started when I was a child and we discovered that I was allergic to Penicillin. I ended up with terrible tetracycline staining that included a deep dark line on my teeth. To add to the problem my parents were struggling and brushing my teeth wasn't a priority. Needless to say my teeth went down hill very fast. I noticed this at an early age of about 5 years old and taught myself not to show my teeth when I smiled. This had a terrible affect on me and I ended up feeling like every body was better than me.

I struggled but ended up with a sales job where the sky was the limit. I worked hard and have done well for myself through the years. I had a lot to smile about but continued do be embarrassed about my smile. I was watching extreme makeover and in the back of my mind I told myself that one day I was going to fix my teeth. I hired a baby sitter and was talking to her and she mentioned that her mom worked at a dentist. I told her about my "dream "of having my teeth repaired. She highly recommended that see Dr. Williams.

I visited Suwannee Dental to get an idea of the cost and about 6 months later I decided that I was going to repair my teeth. 6 months later my teeth are perfect and I have learned to smile. For the first time in 38 years I no longer feel like people are better than me. My confidence is high and I smile about everything. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. The procedure has definitely changed my life for the good!

Todd Rawlins

Patti Neely

The difference in my confidence since Dr. Williams completed major dental work for me has been just amazing. My teeth were very crooked and terribly discolored because of frequent childhood illness and being hit in the mouth with a baseball.

I was so self-conscious of my mouth that I would either try to hide my smile with my hand held up to it or try to keep my lips tight when I laughed so they could not be seen. My gums were also very unhealthy due to very old fillings and crowns.

I remember one time watching the 3 and 4 yr. olds in the nursery at my church and the little ones being brutally honest as they are asked me "Why are your teeth all different colors, don't you ever brush them?" They didn't know any better being little ones but oh what a blow to the self-confidence that Sunday morning!

One of the unexpected surprises for me was that because my gums were so unhealthy I would get sick with upper respiratory infections and bronchitis about every three months. Since Dr. Williams gave me a healthy mouth with a dental make over I haven't been sick in over a year. I did not realize this would be a benefit of having my teeth done. It has been wonderful to receive such a drastic improvement in my overall health and energy. In so many ways the benefits after the dental work have so far exceeded any expectations I could ever have imagined.

My new smile has brought a new measure of peace into my life. I did not realize that I was so self conscious of how my teeth looked that it was constantly on my mind. Even at a sub-conscious level I was very aware of my discolored teeth and hiding them. Now, to smile without concern has brought a level of peace and freedom that I have not known for years.

I remember the feeling of such tremendous joy when I walked out of the office for the first time with the temporaries. I had not had a beautiful white smile in so many years. I was so excited about the preview of my white smile that I was trying to get into the wrong car in the parking lot! When I was laughing at myself I was laughing with the biggest smile I had ever shown and I have not stopped smiling since.

Words just cannot describe adequately the deep gratitude I feel towards Dr. Williams and his wife Sheila. I love being a walking advertisement for Suwanee Dental and smile any chance I get. I will look for reasons to smile now. With so much going on in the world today there are still so many reasons to smile and I want to share mine with anyone I can. I now have a smile ministry!

Blessings to all about to take the plunge, I can say first hand it is a life changing experience and I am very excited for you!

Thank you Dr. Williams in excelling in all you put your heart to; you are a blessing to many.

Patti Neely
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