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Dr. Williams,

I wanted to thank you again for inviting Glory and I to have our pictures made a couple of weeks ago (and fixing the small gaps between my front teeth where I had some movement). I checked the pictures out today and they look great (all of them). I had been to the website previously but didn't look in the proper area.

We continue to be extremely happy with the work you and your staff have done since we moved to Suwanee in 1997. We also like to fact that you stay up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

I remember my first visit to your office when you said you were trying do slow down a bit with a smaller practice J . Looks like things grew quite a bit though thanks to the excellent work your practice provides.

I'll see ya' in a few weeks when I come in for my crown— looking forward to getting one made on your "new fangled crown makin' machine".

Take care,
Steve Tussey

You're probably looking for a good, honest and reliable dentist. In April of last year, while attending Emory University, I needed a dentist fast. After looking through the yellow pages for dentists in Gwinnett, I found Suwanee Dental Care. Suwanee Dental Care was professional and I would return again!

Review Posted 11/22/07 on

I would not trust any other dentist. Dr. Williams would do any thing for his patients. He has even come to the office on a weekend to see my son who is in college and not living at home because he needs dental work and could not come any other time.

Our family would recommend Dr Williams to anyone with no hesitation.

Michelle Bajjani and Family

Hi, Bill!

I just wanted to let you know that by 2:00 (approx.) the Novacaine had worn off and I have not had to take any Vicodin — FREEDOM!

There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you are being treated by professional with your level of skills and experience! Oh, yes! You also have a winner there with Susan (but, i am sure that you have already concluded that).

Carl Podlesny

It is obvious that Dr. Bill delivers incredible dental care by the way his patients as well as his staff adore him. He is on the cutting edge of technology in his field and has invested in the most up to date equipment and computers to deliver to top notch dental care.

I also admire the way he gives back to his profession by way of medical mission trips he takes every year.

Louie Morgan

Dr. Williams and his office is one of very few that treats patients with respect and is always prompt with their service. Its almost impossible to have doctors and dentists that will follow-up with you. On several occasions, Dr. Williams have called me at home after treating me to check on me. Now that's service! Professional, courteous, and an expert at what he does. What else can one ask for? I'd check all the attributes but I'm only allowed three: Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.


Eva Heintz, Ph.D.

Dr. Williams is an expert in dentistry. He continually updates his skills and those of his staff, using the latest technology to achieve great results. He takes time to explain procedures and answer questions. Dr. Willams and his staff are courteous and are genuinely interested in their patients. Not many people like going to their dentists, but if there is one to like going to, it's Dr. Williams.

Rev. Bill Murray
Lilburn, GA

My family has placed total trust in Dr. Bill Williams and Suwanee Dental Care. They care for my 2-year-old son, 4-year-old daughter, my wife and myself. They have a wonderful facility, state of the art equipment and a highly skilled staff.

I used to hate going to the dentist. But now I look forward to the visit. Not only do they provide my family with the best dental care, I am proud to say he is a close Christian friend of our family and look forward to seeing everyone on our visits.

Thank you for all you do for my family and the missionary outreach programs you have around the world.

Jim Schrull
Horton Automotive

Dear Dr. Bill,

This was the ad that Karen and I saw 11 years ago when we decided to have Dr Williams take care of our dental needs. I'll just get to the point. Suwanee Dental Care is tops in our book. The one thing that made our decision to select Dr. Williams was that all our dental needs were under one roof. We did not have to go to another doctor to fulfill any work that needed to be done. Dr. Williams did it all!

I have had enough work to put one of Dr. Williams's sons through college. All kidding aside, the care you receive is great. Not only does Dr. Williams stay up current events in the dental field; his staff gets training also. They have to perform at a high quality or they will not be working in his office for very long. Believe me I know and have seen this first hand.

With today's dental benefits it is hard to find a good dentist. My wife and I choose to go out of network to select a dentist we feel comfortable with and not a dental mill where they move you in and move you out. We pay a higher price to get a higher quality of care. Dr. Williams said something to me years ago and I still remember it. He said "I just don't do dentistry – I do preventive dentistry." I had to think about this a little and then it hit me… the work that Dr Williams does will prevent you from coming back in the future if you follow the oral care program he suggests at home. My problem is I'm stubborn.

Suwanee Dental Care is again tops in my book. If you are reading this testimonial you have taken the first step in selecting, to Karen and I, the best in quality dental care in the Atlanta metro area.

Tim & Karen Wemer

Suwanee Dental Care is wonderful! Dr. Williams is one of the nicest dentists I have ever had. They cater to people who don't like the dentist and will do whatever it takes to help you feel comfortable. I also take my children there and they are great with kids!

Posted 06/30/2005 on