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Dear Dr. Bill and Staff at Suwanee Dental Care,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I pray this letter finds you, your family, and your staff well and enjoying God's abundant grace.

I am writing in order to thank you for the great ministry you are doing for God in the Dental practice God has given you and through the many gifts he has blessed you with. Thank you for the personal time you have invested in my own family and especially the care and concern you have taken with our children to see that their needs have been met in such an excellent way. My children no longer fear going to the doctor or dentist because of the way you have comforted them and treated them during our visits.

Thanks as well for your commitment to quality treatment. Whether it be my own family, fellow church members, or those blessed by our community dental ministry, you have always shown a willingness to offer the best treatment available and I am sure God is pleased.

Finally, thanks as well for your global outreach and kingdom approach through the great work you have begun in Kenya with the dental ministry outreach there. We will never know this side of heaven the breadth of God's presence and how many people he has used you to touch there.

My prayer for you and your family is strength and prosperity as you continue to give yourself to God through the fine ministry of dentistry that He has blessed you with.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Steve Wood

Senior Pastor, Sugar Hill UMC

Dear Dr. Williams,

I just want you to know how much i am appreciating the care you are taking with me-after yesterday- the teeth pulling and my partial being in. It looks beautiful! I love being able to smile again- I know i have some more to go thru-but i just had to say how great my smile looks!!!!

The care you and Trina took with me yesterday made all the difference in the world-I've never been treated with so much care and attention. In my eyes you are wonderful and have in just this 1 day made me feel proud of myself again.

I would very much like to share my experience of you and your staff with others, just so they can know you and your staff are very caring people.

See you again real soon-got some more to do-but I'm not scared or dreading it at all.

Thank you,
Linda Lane

Hi Dr. Williams,

Great staff, beautiful setting and excellent services describe Suwanee Dental Group.

After running away from the Dental office for thirty-eight years primarily because of all the horror stories I heard, and my fear of pain, I started to experience severe tooth ache that would not cease with over the counter medication. I knew I was in trouble, my face was very swollen and being a diabetic only made matters worst, I knew that my running days were over, and that a Dental appt. was my only choice. The anxiety and fear I experienced was overwhelming.

I decided to turn to the Internet for help, God is good! Christian dental offices in my area produced Suwanee Dental Care.

I viewed all the photographs of the Doctors, and Dr. Williams warm smile did it for me. I was very impressed with the vast amount of information his site provided. The FAQ column, testimonials, before and after photos did wonders for me. I must admit that I had some doubts, How could one office be so equip and its staff so efficient.

I am extremely terrified of needles, and when I read that sedation in pill form was an option for me, I was in the clouds by then. If that was not enough, Dr. Williams provided an email add. for the public to ask any question they may have. I thought, no way will he have time to reply to these emails. To my surprise he not only took time out to answer my questions, and advised me free of cost, he did so without me feeling any obligation to choose his practice for my dental needs.

I have since made my appointment, had four extractions, three filling and deep cleaning/gum treatment in one visit under sedation ( wonderful little pill) I did not feel any pain, could not remember having the procedures done. I was awakened to bright friendly faces assuring me that everything was taken care of. I was escorted to my car by a nurse (total privacy was provided).

I am still amazed, but I went home did not have any pain or even swelling, did not have to take any pain meds and today I am feeling GREAT! I look forward to my next VISIT. Oh, and about my doubts mentioned above, as you can see, I am a link in the chain of wonderful reviews. Oops, I forgot to mention that there are different methods of payment plans offered.

Suwanee Dental Care is truly a place of warmth and professionalism. I highly recommend it for anyone is seeking more than a dental office.

Mary Anderson

Dear Dr. Williams,

I have always dreaded going to the dentist. I had not gone for over ten years when my daughter (Kristi Arrington) recommended I come to see her dentist — you! She was particularly pleased with your "painless" dentistry. She actually made my first appointment.

I needed extensive periodontal work, deep cleaning, and a bridge among other things. The painless dentistry really was wonderful, and the follow-up care by you and your staff was kind and understanding of my "dentist phobia". I'm glad I don't have to worry before going to the dentist any longer. Sedation with that little pill made all the difference for me.

Thank you for my healthy mouth,

Nancy Kittle
Dacula, GA

Bill not only is an excellent dentist and recognized as a top dentist in the country for his proficiency, but he also is a well accomplished business owner and leader. Having worked with Bill for close to three years, I have seen the drive and passion that he puts into his work, family, community, and ministries.

Bill does the amazing whether it is leading a team of 30 on a dental mission trip to Kenya or turning an impossible problem in someone's mouth to a beautiful smile. I highly recommend Bill and his team at Suwanee Dental Care for any of your dental needs and highly respect Bill for his integrity and compassion.

Brian Blomgren
Owner and Business Coach, ActionCoach

If you are searching for that one dentist that is excellent in his profession, compassionate, caring and trustworthy and has a true calming effect on you the moment you meet him, get to Atlanta and go see Dr. Williams!!!!

After 25 years of avoiding a dental office due to extreme fear and terrible previous experiences when I was younger, the moment you walk into the facility, your life WILL CHANGE. I drove by his office every day for over 10 years before I had the courage to review his website. I made the appointment after another two years and had my first appointment last year.

I wouldn't even open my mouth or smile due to the condition of my teeth. Dr. Williams did not judge the condition of my teeth, he simply said "it's nothing we can't fix"……the best words I've heard in years. I have just completed my entire upper teeth and an so excited to continue with my bottom teeth and then I will be smiling so proudly and brightly, you will be able to see my smile for miles!!! God bless Dr. Williams for being who he is… simply the best!!!!

Posted on the web 11/2007

Dearest Dr.Williams:

Just wanted to share with you what a positive influence you have had in my confidence and how much I appreciate you.

After the past six months, you have given me a new lease on life.

When I first entered your office (after canceling two previous appointments due to extreme anxiety and petrified to go to a dentist for over twenty years), I finally took that step and walked thru the front door. Walking thru that door to Suwanee Dental Care has changed my life. When I was given my initial tour of the facility, I was constantly looking for the closest exit or a restroom where I could get to fast to be sick.

The moment that you walked in the room, my life changed. Your ability to infuse calm and sincere care is the only thing that gave me the courage to walk back in the door for the first appointment. As I remember, you were even able to get me to sit in the chair so you could look at my teeth.

Of course, my embarrassment for me you to even look at my teeth was quite overwhelming and I was just waiting for you to say something negative. Instead, you gave me hope and you totally understood how terrified I was.

Now, six months later, I can smile again and know that my confidence has changed tremendously. I can't thank you enough.

My sister arrived from Charlottesville, Virginia today for Thanksgiving and when I smiled at her for the first time, she started crying. She couldn't believe the dramatic change and it is all thanks for you.

Your integrity, professionalism, genuine care and compassion are undeniable.

I am looking forward (for the first time in years) to my next visit.

As a side note, when I was in the office last week, Susan was not feeling well and going home….but first, she walked over to me and told me that I would be fine and that someone else would be helping out. She is a precious jewel and has been instrumental in taking care of me on every visit , even when I have been sedated. It is obvious that your ethics and care for your patients have definitely been taken on by your staff.

P.S. The doors and the roof look awesome!!!!!

God bless you Dr. Williams.

Lisa Lacado
Former Dental Phobia Patient
(After her front teeth were completed)

Addendum sent 11/21/07 after we completed all of her work…

Dearest Dr. Wonderful,

You are the most delightful blessing in my life this year. You have changed my life in more ways than you could ever imagine. I can smile again and my smile now matches my personality which has always been upbeat and happy.

I wanted to share a story with you in hopes that you can truly understand just what you have done for me. The last job I had was working from France Telecom for a lady that was the head of commercial management. I was a Project Manager and worked with people worldwide and attended many in-person meetings and was the facilitator of those meetings.

After the second meeting, she took me aside and told me quote "unfortunately, I do not want you facilitating meetings any longer as we are working with fortune 500 companies and there is nothing more disgusting than having to look at someone constantly who has missing and bad teeth, especially a woman who is supposed to be holding an audiences attention".

She went on to say that she knew I must be very happy to finally be doing something about it, but until then, I would be placed in another position. Needless to say, it was devastating, however true it was… it still hurt.

Now, thanks to you and Susan, I can hold my head up high and be proud.

The mirror is now my best friend and my tears are of tremendous joy.

I can hardly wait to secure a new job and be able to begin the "bottom half".

God bless you for being you.

Dental Phobic No Longer

I highly recommend Dr. Williams and his staff. I have a severe dental phobia. I had not had regular cleanings in 20 years -only going in when absolutely necessary (to replace a filling or have wisdom teeth removed).

Two years ago I decided to try and overcome my phobia enough to have my teeth inspected. I began to look into sedation dentistry and discovered Suwanee Dental.

I can't say enough about Dr. Williams or the staff. From the beginning they have done everything they can to help ease my fears. I was fortunate that my years of neglect only resulted in me needing several crowns, fillings, and scaling. All of that was accomplished in one visit using conscious sedation.

I was so impressed by the way the procedure went and how I had been treated I decided to see how a regular cleaning would go. That was May of last year — since then I have been back every six months.

I can't say that I now have no fears when going to the dentist — but they still work with me & the progress I've made in two years is unbelievable. If you were like me — please try Dr. Williams. They won't ridicule you, pressure you or lecture you. Take the first step and just call and talk to them. They will work with you.

Dental Phobic No Longer

Sedation Dentistry

Dear Dr. Williams,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent dental care that you have given to my family and I over the past year. Since I was a teenager, I have had a severe fear of the dentist. The fear was so strong that I only went for a teeth cleaning every several years. It took every ounce of courage that I had to even go that often. Last November I made a promise to myself to find a dentist that I was comfortable with and to get on a regular dental visit schedule.

I did a lot of research. I asked all of my friends and co-workers about the dentist that they went to. I called quite a few dentists after reviewing their ads in the phone book and I did a lot of research on the Internet. I knew that I wanted to find a dentist that could perform sleep dentistry since my fear had gotten so strong. I liked everything that I heard and read about your practice so I decided to come in for a consultation.

When I arrived at your office fear once again almost overtook me and I almost got back in my car and went home. I then remembered the woman that I spoke to promised that they would not do anything to my teeth that day. She just wanted to talk to me and show me around the office.

I figured that could not hurt so I went in. Once I got in the office, your staff made me feel very comfortable. I could tell that everyone there really cared about the patients and I felt I would be in good hands. The sleep dentistry was described in detail to me and I felt comfortable with that procedure as well.

After my first cleaning I found that I needed to have some extensive dental work done, just as I had feared. You performed two root canals and four crown procedures for me during the months of November and December 2002. Although my fear was not completely gone, the sleep dentistry made me feel 200 times better about having this extensive work done.

I only remembered bits and pieces of each of the procedures and all were painless. It meant so much that you personally called the evening of each procedure to see how I was doing and that you gave me your home number to call you if there was an emergency.

I also appreciate the scheduling that your office staff took care of for me. I had planned a vacation to go snowmobiling in December and I was sure that it would be ruined by all of the dental work that I was having done so close to the time that I was leaving. Even though I was having lengthy procedures done, your staff worked with me to get me in to your office before my vacation.

I was so happy with the service that I received that I talked my Mother into coming to see you also. Her fear of the dentist was as strong as mine and she had not been in 7+ years. She was just as pleased as I was with the service that she received. I then referred my husband to your practice, who also appreciated the service.

We have all been coming back for our scheduled maintenance and we are all grateful to have found a dentist that we can trust and feel at ease with.

Thank you,
Kristi Arrington

I absolutely love my beautiful new smile! Dr. Williams crowned my front 8 teeth and he did such wonderful work. I only wish I had met Dr. Williams sooner. Before I had my teeth crowned they were uneven and discolored. I had large fillings in my teeth and a crown in the front that did not match the other teeth. I used to feel self-conscious smiling or having my picture taken because I thought my teeth were so unattractive.

I cringe looking back at old pictures and seeing my teeth. I did my homework when looking for a dentist. I met with several other dentists and I didn't feel confident or comfortable with them doing the work. After I met with Dr. Williams I was convinced he would do a great job because of his credentials, experience, and integrity. Also, his staff is great and made me feel at ease during the process.

I highly recommend him to anyone that needs dental work or who doesn't like their smile. All of my friends and family have told me how great and natural my teeth look. My teeth are now white instead of yellow. I constantly get compliments from people I meet about what I pretty smile I have. I am so happy with the results! The crowns feel great in my mouth and I love the fact that they won't stain. I'm now enjoying drinking coffee again.

I am so grateful to Dr. Williams for giving me a beautiful smile!

Received from the web on 10/30/2007 from DEMEBSBRO