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International Patients

Hi Dr Williams,

I arrived at Suwanee Dental Care from Bermuda in 2007 after searching online for the perfect dentist in the world for more than one year. I had been in excruciating pain for over two years because of one of my back molars. An old filling had been replaced by my local dentist. I was in excruciating pain afterwards. I went back for further treatment to no avail.

Finally, I was given a root canal to ease the pain without too much explanation of the procedure, which was irreversible. Later, my mouth became highly septic because the treatment period had been extended over two to three months instead of the usual two to three days required for a successful root canal procedure.

I had been given several courses of antibiotics without success and the permanent filling and crown for the root canal had never been done because of the recurrent infections. I was on vacation in Las Vegas when the tooth flared up really badly in 2006. The dentist there gave me more antibiotics and advised me to see an endodontist, immediately, as she was only a general dentistry practitioner.

I saw from my x-rays in Nevada that the bone around my tooth had eroded because of all the infection. On arrival at Suwanee Dental Care, Dr Bill Williams told me that if I had come to him earlier, he may have been able to save my tooth. I was given an extensive consultation as to the exact treatment procedure I needed to undergo to achieve the perfect smile. I discovered that for my whole life I had only been chewing on three of my teeth.

Dr Williams recommended dental crowns for added protection. DR B aligned my bite to encompass all of my teeth. I bite myself all the time now because I am still getting used to chewing with all of my teeth. Also, I was given a bone transplant to replace the bone I had lost from the repeated oral infections. My first visit required extraction of the infected tooth and two wisdom teeth. I remember sitting in the chair at 8:30 am to undergo the extractions.

I expected severe pain with the removal of my wisdom teeth but all I felt was a tug on my jaw. I said, "Dr Williams have you taken out my teeth yet and he replied, "See them in the tray." I could not believe it. I was prescribed codeine but I never took the pain killers. Extra strength Tylenol was enough for me. In 2008, I say thank you Suwanee Dental Care, I have a healthy oral cavity and I am following all of Dr Bill Williams' recommendations for my future dental care.

I have referred fellow Bermudians to Suwanee Dental Care for treatment. I believe Dr Bill Williams is the best dentist in the world and I love him dearly. I have also made mention of Suwanee Dental Care on my blog at Our Stage. I have sent you a copy of it.

Kindest regards,
W. M. Zarif
CPS Budget Business Services Owner/Manager
P O Box HM 2104
Hamilton HMJX Bermuda

Dear Suwanee Dental Care,

I have never been a big fan of going to the dentist. Just getting my teeth cleaned was painful! But now that's changed. I have actually enjoyed my time in their office. They have made me feel at ease, and the quality of service is excellent — from the hygienists to the front office to the dentists themselves.

I had my very first cavities filled just a couple of weeks ago and was very anxious and nervous. I don't do needles and had no idea what to expect. The doctor was able to use air abrasion instead of a drill! He filled two cavities and put on two sealants in a matter of about 15 minutes!

The air abrasion is kind of like a mini-sandblaster, but felt like the tool they polish your teeth with to me. Didn't hurt a BIT. Next will be Invisalign! I can't wait. They certainly know what they're doing at Suwanee Dental Care and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Informed Consumer #1

Dr. Williams,

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter came in for an emergency procedure yesterday and the staff of Suwanee Dental Care were amazing! I sent the following to all the parents on her NGHS Varsity cheerleading team:

FYI — if you ever need an excellent dentist, please consider Suwanee Dental Care. I had read about them in NG Trust Foundation literature so knew they did restorative, oral and cosmetic surgery. When Jackie needed immediate dental care yesterday we went directly to Suwanee Dental. They didn't leave us sitting in the waiting room, but immediately took her back into x-rays and started her procedure within 15 minutes of us arriving!

The doctor told Jackie everything that he was going to do, which made her feel more comfortable about the process. They did an amazing job, held our hands through out, gave Jackie 2 flowers at the end and called today to make sure she was okay (excellent customer service).

Suwanee Dental was one of our sponsors for the Pageant scholarship and has been very generous to the NG Trust Foundation. It is nice being able to support someone who supports our community so generously!

Edie Carroll
Suwanee, GA

Dear Suwanee Dental Care,

I really appreciate you and your staff responding to my needs in an emergent manner even though I have procrastinated for so long in seeking care.

I have to say it felt very good to be able brush my teeth without feeling like one was going to fall out. I can't wait until they are actually clean and feel the way that teeth should.

Thank you again, you and your staff went beyond my expectations to make me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation.

Nancy Quattlebaum

Dear Dr. Williams,

My name is Becky Bradley. I have lived in Suwanee for seven years during which time I have seen different dentists in the area. None of them had met my expectations until I went to Suwanee Dental Care. Dr. Roberts, Dr. Williams and all of their staff are totally unbelievable! They are so thorough and they take the time required to make your visit pain free!

I, too, am a healthcare professional, and I understand the inherent problems of scheduling, time constraints, etc. I must say that Suwanee Dental Care has cornered the market on caring, pain free dentistry!!

They have my highest recommendations!

Becky Bradley

Dearest Bill,

I just spoke to Barbara and she told me what all you did for her, that you gave her back her smile. The truth is, you gave her much more: her self worth, esteem, and respect. She was ecstatic! It was good to hear her laugh; I could nearly see that bright smile through the phone. When I used to call her in Oklahoma she was always in such despair and so down.

Now, she is herself again. You have given the greatest gift. Do you remember the story about the two debtors in the Bible, and the one that was forgiven the larger debt was the most grateful and had the most love? Well… you are just like that loving, giving person. You have given an astonishing gift, more than I ever could have prayed or hoped for. I can never repay your kindness. You didn't have to do what you did. But you will never know two more grateful souls than my little sister and me.

I love you, Bill. Thank you! Thank you for the great gift! Thank you for being you!

Christina Williams, MD
Senior Medical Officer

(This is from the sister of one of our charity cases.)

Dear Dr. Williams,

On June 24, 2005, you performed a sinus lift / bone graft for me in preparation for future surgical implants. Prior to the surgery, you informed me of the benefits as well as the risks of the procedure. There was a minimum of discomfort during the procedure and I experienced a minimum of pain for a day or two afterwards.

Thus far, there have been no bad side effects or complications. Also, I am very pleased with other dental care I have received from you and your competent staff. I am grateful to have found a dentist who in my opinion performs at the highest level of professionalism and expertise. It is a pleasure to recommend you to others.


TMJ Dentistry

My Friendship with the GOOD ship Suwanee Dental Care by Betsy Pickren.

My first trip to Suwanee Dental Care was when it was in Stone Mountain – so it couldn't have been Suwanee Dental Care, could it? Never mind. It was still Dr. Bill Williams and his wife Sheila. They run an excellent ship and they seem to attract great mates. I have always had smiles (they all seem to be proud of their teeth for some reason) from the Associates.

I actually first called Dr. Williams to ask his opinion about another dentist I had chosen who was geographically more desirable. I am a dentist's dream! I have had millions of cavities, braces, crowns and at that time I was having a serious bout with TMJ. Dr. Williams is a "connected cousin" – no shared bloodlines, but lots of kinfolk in common. He was kind enough to give the other dentist his blessing.

I'll make a very long story short. The other dentist was technically excellent. I probably was not a model patient, I will admit, but he and I both lost patience with each other. I was not relaxing during my treatments and he was making me nervous. After a number of sessions at his office, his suggestion was that I have surgery THEN braces THEN crowns on all my teeth. Neither my psyche nor my pocketbook could handle that plan.

I went back to Dr. Williams for a second opinion (or maybe in defiance). He suggested going straight to crowns to change my bite. I bit. Suddenly driving to Stone Mountain did not seem so hard. That was almost 15 years ago. No more TMJ. I see he and his Associates 3-4 times a year to keep my glowing smile, And they make the trip worthwhile. They give me smiles back — and they provide a flower as a reward.

Oh, and the best thing — Dr. Bill and the crew decided to move closer to ME!

Betsy Pickren, MS. Ed., CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Dr. Williams,

I first came to Suwanee Dental Care for a semi-annual cleaning and was immediately impressed with the patient care, as far as the immediate attention I relieved from the front desk. For once I was able to go to the dentist and not feel invisible to the people behind the desk. The atmosphere is great at Suwanee Dental Care, I can have a cappuccino while I wait and snuggle into a soft oversized sofa-chair with a book.

You can really escape from the dentist office feel. Very professional staff. Genuinely nice people who really do care. Highly trained and efficient time-wise. Across the board I had a terrific experience at Suwanee Dental Care and have recommended Dr. Williams and his staff to family and friends. Oh, and great decor! There is truly no other office like this one!

Danielle Brewer