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Laser Cavity Finder

Thanks to the latest technology, lasers can help detect unseen decay long before other conventional methods.

The DIAGNOdent uses a low-intensity laser to locate hidden decay - much like a metal detector locates a metal object hidden in the ground.  It produces sounds as the size of the cavity increases.  This breakthrough technology has been proven to be virtually 100% accurate in finding small subsurface cavities that our traditional technique might miss.  Even very small cavities are detected at the earliest stage, enabling us to preserve and protect more of your tooth substance.

The KaVo DIAGNOdent has the unique ability to find hidden cavities or decay, a widespread phenomenon associated with the pervasive use of fluoride, which fortifies tooth enamel. However, despite the benefits of stronger enamel, traditional cavity diagnostics, like the sharp explorer, once effective in the pre-fluoride era, are no longer reliable. The current diagnostic challenge is that decay can progress under seemingly intact tooth structure, undiscovered and untreated by the clinician. The DIAGNOdent scans tooth structure with a harmless laser light, detecting subsurface cavities. The device grades the lesion using a numeric scale, allowing the clinician to take appropriate action, before the decay can progress.