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#3 Radio Interview of Suwanee Dental Care

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Dr. Bill Williams
smile makeover

Friends, Patients, Doctors, Team Members.

Today, Listen as our long-time patient, Doug Gilmore, discusses his orthodontic and smile makeover.

When I moved to Atlanta, I had to find a new dentist. Previous experiences with dentists made me hesitant to seek care as needed regularly. When I called the office at Suwanee dental care I was received politely and was given the credentials of Dr. Williams. The staff informed me that Dr. Williams was certified to perform all dental procedures without referral to a specialist. I was duly impressed.

I scheduled an appointment and was relaxed by the comfortable office environment, received kindly by the office staff, the dental staff, and by Dr. Williams himself. This put me at ease. After initial exams and cleanings, I told Dr. Williams that I really needed to do something with my teeth because they were in disrepair. Dr. Williams prescribed a hygiene plan and provided a written step-by-step plan to improve the health and appearance of my teeth. I have never had this long-term vision from a dentist. This plan let me decide how to approach each step, with a goal always in mind. I frequently travel with my job and was able to plan each step to fit into my schedule.

Dr. Williams first improved the overall health of my teeth through state of the art procedures, and then performed restorative work that has changed the appearance of my teeth to what I have always wanted.

Dr. Williams and his staff really care, I can tell, and regular visits are now something that I plan diligently. My teeth look great, are healthy, and pleasing to see in the mirror.

The other part that impressed me about Dr. Williams is his charity dental work in the U.S. and annual trips to Africa to provide dental care for those that have no dental care available.

In summary, I have to say I am very fortunate to have benefited from truly remarkable dental care.

I recommend Dr. Williams for the best dental care possible.

Douglas A. Gilmore