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The Diagnodent Laser is Essential in Early Cavity Detection

Monday, June 4, 2012
Laser Dentistry

Most dentists would agree that early cavity detection is an effective weapon against severe tooth decay. While this is mainly done manually or with an x-ray, dentists also have the help of the Diagnodent Laser to assist in this process. Diagnodent Laser cavity detection is more than 90% accurate and is able to detect cavities inside the teeth, not just on the surface or in between them.

The Diagnodent Laser works by using a laser probe to scan the teeth. When the light from the probe comes in contact with decay inside the tooth, the decay emits a fluorescent light that is bounced back to a sensor connected to the probe. The sensor then creates a sound and distributes a digital numeric read out. Higher numbers mean large amounts of decay.

This laser has proven to be safe and effective on patients. It does not cause any pain and is approved for use in pediatric dentistry. It has also earned the seal of acceptance by the American Dental Association.

Patients being treated with the Diagnodent Laser do not have to be covered with any special material, as there is no radiation involved with this treatment. It only takes minutes for the dentist to detect decay and the Diagnodent Laser decreases the need to use the pointy, sharp probing tool, also called the explorer. Patients also have the advantage because this tool will decrease the likeliness of needing costly and uncomfortable dental work in the future. This makes the laser a much welcomed tool in the dental office.

While the Diagnodent Laser is effective in detecting early signs of tooth decay, the best way to fight cavities and tooth decay is by simply practicing proper oral hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing on a daily basis, as well as continuing to visit your dentist as scheduled. If your dentist does not use the Diagnodent Laser, you may want to ask them about it during your next visit. If your teeth and gums are very sensitive, you may need to find a dentist that does use this detection technology.

The Diagnodent Laser has helped to detect countless numbers of tooth decay that may have otherwise gone unnoticed for long periods of time. It is considered an essential tool in the hands of an experienced and highly trained dental professional. Early detection of tooth decay can ultimately save you money in the long run.