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Custom Mouth Guards Provide Superior Protection

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
mouth guards

Not all mouth guards are created equal. Cheap non-customized mouth guards do provide some protection; however, they are not designed to fit the wearer, making them prone to slippage and even impeding proper breathing. For the best protection from sports injuries, custom mouth guards are the only way to go. One of the best is the Maher Mouth Guard, which was developed by Dr. Gerald Maher, a renowned doctor and team dentist for the New England Patriots during the 1970s.

Benefits of the Maher Mouth Guard

As custom mouth guards go, the Maher Mouth Guard is a far cry from the cumbersome, bulky mouth guards from decades past. Streamlined to fit comfortably and discreetly on the back molars, it is a customized acrylic mold that is held together by a trio of stainless steel bands that rest behind the teeth to stabilize the jaw any time it is impacted. In addition, it allows for comfortable breathing, speaking, and drinking, so athletes do not need to remove it constantly just to rest or rehydrate.

The choice of many NFL players, this mouth Guard has proven its worth time and again: since its development and implementation, no NFL player wearing the Maher Mouth Guard has suffered from a concussion subsequent to a blow to the jaw. It offers protection against hard objects, including hockey pucks and sticks, walls, other players, and even the ground.

To understand why concussion prevention is so important, it’s a good idea to understand that all concussions – even the mildest – are traumatic brain injuries that can cause impairment of important functions, including balance, consciousness, thought, and vision. The most serious concussions can cause permanent damage with symptoms that include severe depression and memory loss. Worse, for each concussion you get, you are an incredible four times more likely to get another.

Concussions can happen when jawbones are not adequately cushioned, causing the jawbones to impact the base of the skull and even be pushed into the brain cavity. They can also happen any time a forceful blow to the head is delivered, when the head accelerates rapidly and then stops suddenly. This can cause bruising to the brain when it hits the interior of the skull wall.

By wearing custom mouth guards along with other prescribed gear including helmets and chinstraps to minimize the risk of concussions, you can help to prevent the onset of migraine headaches, vision problems, difficulty with memory, sleep pattern changes, irritability, early Alzheimer’s disease, and many other symptoms ranging from nausea to sluggishness. If you, or if someone you love, are involved in contact sports or partake in activities that could result in a blow to the head, talk to your dentist about custom mouth guards; not only will you keep your dental work safe, you’ll safeguard your future, as well.