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For children who are particularly fearful of going to the dentist or have to undergo extensive dental treatment, your dentist might advise using general anesthesia to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. General anesthesia is commonly used in pediatric dentistry and is completely safe when administered by a specially trained dentist or anesthesiologist.

Knowing when your child needs it

With summer in full swing, kids are as active as ever with summer sports, swimming, day camp, and more. However, increased physical activity leads to increased risk of injury, which can include mouth injuries. Some injury might not need professional attention and can be easily treated at home.

The health of your child’s baby teeth is important for facial growth and development. Baby teeth allow your child to bite and chew solid foods, help with your child’s speech, and serve as a guide for permanent teeth to grow into their proper position. While baby teeth do fall out, it’s important that they stay in the mouth until they are ready to fall out naturally.

It’s that time of year again! The summer weeks are quickly winding down and school days will soon be upon us. Right now, you’re probably in the midst of helping your child get all of those back-to-school necessities in order. In addition to gathering up school supplies and scheduling physical exams, have you remembered to schedule their back-to-school dental checkup?

Routine dental appointments

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Do you think baby teeth are temporary and therefore not important? Think again. Children need strong, healthy teeth for chewing, speaking and smiling. Baby teeth also serve as placeholders for adult teeth and ensure they come in correctly.

Tooth decay in infants and young children is often referred to as baby bottle tooth decay.