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Dr. Bill Williams

Suwanee Dental Care sponsors the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation for 2007, 2008, 2009 school years.

Dr. Bill and Sheila Williams of Suwanee Dental Care were the Monumental Sponsors for the 2007, 2008 and now the 2009 North Gwinnett Schools Foundation Fund Raiser. Suwanee Dental Care is committed to being the “Education Dentists” of Gwinnett.

Dr. Bill Williams

Suwanee Dental Care is a proud sponsor of the Summer Concert “Concerts in the Park” in 2004, on May 15 (Borderline), June 19 (Fish Tank), and August 28 (TBA).

Of course, we took photos of the event!

See these great 2002 concert photos and these great 2003 concert photos.

Here’s Toby Blackwell, a major Sponsor for all four year 2000 Concerts, with Bill Williams, a major sponsor for first concert.

Dr. Bill Williams

As Christians, through the grace of God, Dr. Bill Williams, his wife Shiela, and Suwanee Dental Care often participate in compassionate dental missions.

Some take place around the world, including developing nations like Nigeria and Kenya. But many of them take place locally to help the needy in our own community. (On the left is September 15, 2001 at Bogan Road Baptist Church.)

Dr. Bill Williams

Introducing Church And State, our 50th Birthday Party Band!

Church and State specializes in dance/party music all the way from the 60′s straight into the new millennium. Church and State consists of guitar, two keyboards, bass and drums. All five members also provide vocals, each with their own unique sound, bringing to you a broad range of musical styles.

Church and State provides lights, a

Dr. Bill Williams

[Dr. Williams accepted the Eagle Charge June 3, 1966 when he received his Eagle Scout award in Clinton, Mississippi]

The foremost responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor. To an Eagle Scout, honor is the foundation of all character. He knows that “A Scout is trustworthy” is the very first point of the Scout Law for good reason.