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suwanee testimonial Some Patient Testimonials
holley c new smile 200 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsHello Dr. Williams!

Having worked with creative people all of my career, I know an artist when I see one. And you, my friend, are indeed an artist! I just got home and flashed my beautiful new smile for my husband Richard, and he was just amazed! I feel like a new person! You know, I had not been smiling for such a long time because my teeth were so chipped. I started to notice these ugly little lines beginning to form around my mouth because I never exercised those “smile muscles” any more. I felt old and ugly! But I hesitated to go see a dentist because it had been so long. I was embarrassed, and my past experiences with other dentists had sometimes been not positive. I had a dental phobia I just couldn’t conquer.

But I had heard great things about Suwanee Dental from several sources. I am so thankful that I put my fear aside long enough to email you that first message a few months ago. Your prompt return email, your concern, warmth, and gentle reassurance made such a difference! The sedation was a great first step, but you are so positive and reassuring… I don’t think I’m going to need it any more. And all of a sudden-my smile is back! Just think! My husband had to drive me for my first appointment with the sedation, which was a breeze. But today-I actually drove myself.

The attention to detail and the craft you exhibited in making my new crowns look just perfect and beautiful… well, it reminded me of watching a sculptor work on a piece of art. I’m not kidding… you really are an artist!

I can’t tell you what a difference this is making in my life. People tell me I look “different” (in a good way!) and I feel like a new woman. Those little age lines have gone.

I also look forward to the next step. It’s such a blessing not only to look better, but more important, to be rid of a serious psychological barrier to my health. See-you aren’t a dentist who is also an artist, but you are a psychologist too!

Many blessings, and I will see you again soon!

Holley Calmes
Hiawassee, GA

Dear Suwanee Dental Care, just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful treatment that I received at Suwanee Dental. This morning, the new dentist that I am seeing here in Columbus Ohio and her staff commented on the excellent bridgework done by Dr. Williams and his staff. They specifically wanted to know who treated me and where they were located.

I never hear of the word ” pockets” whenever I go in for check ups any longer and I have never been in better dental health, thanks to the treatment and dental health advice I got from Suwanee Dental. My dental treatment took a long process but every step was well worth it. Dr. Williams, I still remember you called me that evening to make sure that I was not in pain from the work we had done on my teeth earlier in the day.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting soon… . Even if just to sit on the nice massage chairs installed just before I left Georgia.

God Bless,
Michael Waitathu
Dublin, Ohio

donnaABC 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDr. Bill Williams is an incredibly gifted cosmetic dentist. I have had the opportunity to meet and interview many of his patients, people who have experienced dramatic results, the kind of results which have really changed their lives. He is truly gifted and he really cares about his patients. As a television show producer, I am so glad to have covered the true life extreme makeovers he is giving to his patients.

Donna Davis
Television Producer
Innova Productions, Inc.
Marietta, GA

james ziegler complete smile 300 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsTotal makeover…incredible results! Dr. Williams is incredible. As a high profile professional speaker I was ashamed to smile. My teeth were yellow, cracked and worn. In one day with his Sedation Dentistry techniques, he completely rebuilt my entire mouth. I woke up to a new smile, completely painless and stress-free. Every day I receive compliments on my smile and I am supremely confident now to smile in public. He is so good, my wife is now getting ready to undergo the same procedures. We have recommended him to many close friends and, without exception, everyone is thrilled with his over-the-top personalized service and genuine care for his patients. His work is world-class and his integrity beyond belief…Call him, even if you have to travel as many do. It’s worth it!

Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG

Dollie Sauls of Kenya Medical Outreach Missionary in Kenya 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsAs a health care professional, I would highly recommend Dr William Williams and the team at Suwanee Dental Care for all your dental needs. When I went to my first appointment, I was impressed by the ambiance of the office decor, the promptness of appointment time and how they maintained the schedule, the professional staff that rendered care and their knowledge of not just the equipment, but how the the care of the mouth effects other parts of the body. I also appreciated how the practice strives to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry to provide high quality dental care while using a holistic approach. Dr Williams is not only knowledgeable, but also personable to the patient and I highly recommend him. I will always be a loyal patient to the practice!

Dollie Sauls, R.N.
Narok, Kenya

For years I’ve had periodontal problems, pain, and suffered from poor dentistry. Being new to the Atlanta area, I was in need of a local dentist and my neighbor recommended Dr. Williams at SDC. I had broken a filling and called the office to set up my first appointment. My first visit was a tour of the facilities, meeting of the staff, x-rays and dental assessment. I will say that when I received my treatment plan, my hair caught on fire. I was VERY upset! I came in to fix a tooth and they were re-working my entire mouth. Well…. After sitting down with his staff and reviewing the treatment, I decided to go ahead with the plan. I do not have dental insurance, so I needed a loan, and his staff was very helpful referring me to many low interest options. For the first time in a decade, I can say that I am now pain free! I had gum surgery, extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges and fillings done. Everyone at SDC did their best to insure that I was always comfortable during any procedures being performed. They always followed up to check on me, they really cared. The cheapest deal isn’t always the best, you have to spend wisely these days. I definitely got what I paid for and years of eating and enjoying my own teeth.

Michelle S.

diane garrison smileright 300 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsExtreme Makeover – Dr Bill is a visionary who implements his professional and personal goals with the highest integrity and willingly invests in the lives of others who have no direct means to repay his trust and confidence in them. He demonstrates practical caring that transforms people and his community.

Dr. Clifford and Diane Garrison

Sleep Apnea – Snoring Treatment

wyatt jones 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsSix months ago, I was having some major work done to my teeth. Doctor Williams was talking about how strong my bite was and the grinding of my teeth. He told me I needed a bite guard to wear to help me from grinding so much (and destroying my new dental work). I told him I snored a lot and my wife was worried that I might have sleep apnea. Dr. Williams said the special mouth guard he would make was for that also. Since I have been wearing the mouth guard he made for me I do not snore any more and I sleep great. My wife calls it a miracle. So I say thanks for saving my life and my marriage.

Wyatt Jones

Dr. Williams performed oral surgery in a number of areas of mouth to remove tori (bone growths) in the floor and roof of my mouth, as well as the exterior portion of my upper and lower jaw on both sides. The results were phenomenal! I wouldn’t have trusted any other dentist with this work and highly recommend him for difficult or uncommon procedures, as well as regular dental care. The 3 hour surgery was painless and the recovery was quick. Most importantly, the surgery was a tremendous success — I can eat anything I want without discomfort, and even my facial appearance is back to normal. I didn’t realize how my jaws were changing shape until I saw myself after the surgery!

Very Happy Patient

Candice Felice 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDr. Bill Williams is a man of vision and purpose. His vision is to use his unlimited talents in dentistry to bring health and longevity to the smiles of each patient who walks into his office.

By touching and impacting the lives of others for the glory of God, he extends his services through missions outreach across the world. His love for God, family and peoples near and far is reflected in his purpose to give and use his expertise in every way he can. He is truly a man of integrity, which is clearly seen in every aspect of his life.

Not only is our family’s dental health the best it has ever been, but Dr. Williams and his wonderful professional staff make every visit a pleasurable and relaxing experience. One of the greatest honors of my life is to know him as a brother in Christ and have him as our family dentist.

Candice Felice
Cherokee Crossroads
Dacula, GA

Jennifer Davis beautiful smile makeover by DrBillWilliams of SuwaneeDentalCare 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDr. Williams and his staff are the best! I have nothing but the highest regards for their services, and Dr. William’s ability as a dentist. He is one of the few that can “do it all” right in his office without referring patients out to other “specialists”. Dr. Williams replaced all of the crowns on my upper teeth that had been done close to 20 years earlier. He suggested that he raise the gum line using a laser, which was painless, and it improved the quality of my smile tremendously.

Having spent several hours in his chair, I know first hand of the sensitivity with which Dr. Williams treat his patients and the excellent results of his work. I cannot imagine having this amount of work done by anyone else. I simply cannot find words to express my gratitude for his talent and care as a professional.

Jennifer Davis

andy in hat 300 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsI have known Dr. Williams for years and have always been very impressed by his professionalism while being extremely personable and light hearted. He is a fun loving guy and great at what he does. Dr. Williams has also been my dentist for going on 8 years now and over the years I have watched the facilities get better and better. Complete with a top end customer service, they will even get you a beverage upon request while you sit and wait for your appointment in the massage chairs or surf on the free wi-fi. The organization of the staff is impeccable as well and their use of current media outlets for communication. Currently, as of this week, we began my Invisalign treatment using new technology that was created no to long ago. I love them. The process of getting started was quick and painless. He is the one that recommended that we go this route rather than “regular braces.” Now, to understand the magnitude of what we are dealing with here, I have a gap in my front teeth with an impacted K-9. He assured me that everything will go great and I could not be more confident in that. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows this industry better than anyone I know. Can’t wait till the end result.

Andy Velo

Complete “Health-Driven” Cosmetic Makeover

marietta web smile right makeover at suwanee dental care 300 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDear Dr. Williams,

My initial decision concerning my teeth was to have all of the old metal fillings removed. I had developed some health issues and in researching treatments several articles mentioned mercury poisoning from old dental work as a possible cause. My name could have been at the top of the list of side effects of mercury poisoning. My local dentist did not agree. Thus began my search for a dentist willing to remove all of the metal in my mouth and replace with all natural products. My best friend was helping research and you just happened to be her dentist. I was also in the middle of divorce proceedings after being married for many years. Before coming to my first appointment I decided I needed to do something positive for myself to make me feel better. I wanted a “divorce smile.” I wanted straight white teeth. You assured me you could give me a great smile.

My smile is better than I imagined it would be. I find myself smiling all of the time. The biggest impact this has had on my life so far is my level of self esteem and confidence has improved dramatically. My students have notice that there is something different about me, but they haven’t figured it out. They have commented on how happy I am all of the time. My health is also improving. I have more energy and feel like a new person in just the first few weeks.

Thank you for giving me a new smile and improving my overall health.

Dr. Marietta Webb
Academic Success Center
Columbus, GA

Nancy Keith150 Some Patient TestimonialsI first met Dr. Bill Williams in about 1991. My husband and I had recently moved to the area, and needed a dentist. I liked Dr. Bill’s ad in the yellow pages, so I made an appointment. At my first visit, I could tell that this was no ordinary dentist.

Bill and his staff seek to develop a relationship with their patients, and view dental care as a part of each patient’s life. They recognize that a person’s emotional and spiritual well being are important, and must work together with physical well being, which includes good dental health. They also know that having a bright, healthy smile can boost a person’s confidence.

Bill Williams has always been on the cutting edge in dentistry, and truly a pioneer in his field. My husband and I have always been confident that we were getting, literally, the best, most advanced dental care in the world, whether it was routine cleanings, or sophisticated orthodontic or periodontal treatment. We have referred countless friends and family members to his practice.

I am very grateful to Dr. Bill, his wife Sheila, and their staff for the expert and gentle care I have received over the years. I now have the smile I have always dreamed of, and regularly get compliments on my teeth. I give all the credit for that to Dr. Bill, and I thank God for giving Bill Williams such talent, and for leading me to “the world’s greatest dentist” so many years ago.

Nancy Boger
Longtime Patients (Over 16 years)

My introduction to Dr. Williams was a personal call from him in response to an email query I had sent after reviewing the web site. This conversation gave me the opportunity to express my fears and hesitations. After reassuring me, he invited me to come in for a consultation. At this consultation, I was asked what I did not like about my smile; following a workup, he gave his evaluation and suggested a treatment plan and options. The decisions were left up to me. He has since completed the work and today, I no longer worry about my teeth. I know that I can be pain free and can come to this wonderful place of gentle dentistry to address any problems that may arise.

Pam Blaesing

Comprehensive Treatment

I’ve been to many dentists over the years, but none have been remotely like Suwanee Dental. The energy is warm, compassionate and family-like while, at the same time, being extremely professional and efficient. I’ve had several experiences in the office including deep cleaning, crowns, fillings and extensive cosmetic veneers and couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m definitely a huge fan of Dr. Williams and his dental vision and will be a patient for life!


Jane Jim Maran 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDear Dr. Williams,

Jane is very pleased of your expertise and professionalism — amazing what IQ, hard work and determination can accomplish in a complicated field of study such as Dentistry.

Jim Maran

“Dr. Williams has been our family’s dentist for eight years. Suwanee Dental Care is Gwinnett’s source for cosmetic dentistry… you’ll see why at their must-see web site…”

Jim Maran
Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

James Norman

james norman 150 extreme makeover by Dr Bill Williams Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsLook up Dentist in the dictionary and you will see a photo of Dr. Williams. To put it plainly, the man knows his stuff. I had the good fortune of discovering the Suwannee Dental Care website when I was in need of a major overhaul. We are talking some gum disease, extractions, root canals, and bridges.

Dr. Williams provided me with his diagnosis, plan of attack and cost. I started the procedures and now have beautiful and functional teeth.

If anyone is looking for a dentist who is knowledgeable, efficient, skilled and who continually strives to improve himself and his practice, Dr. Williams is your man.

I would further venture to say Dr. Williams is one of those rare individuals whose abilities in his profession border on that of a gift.

I would highly recommend him for any and all dental needs.

Thanks Doc,
James Norman

Invisalign Orthodontics: M. Janet Beyer

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of my Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Hope this is useful.

As a teenager the dentist I had never mentioned braces, back then only the rich kids got them and we certainly were not rich. As I grew older I knew that I would be happier with my teeth if they were straight but I wasn’t about to wear regular braces as an adult.

Dr. Williams mentioned to me several times if I was interested but I really didn’t want a mouth full of metal. When Invisalign came out I questioned Dr. Williams about them but still kept putting off getting them until I noticed that my teeth were getting worse.

I finally decided it was time to do something about it.

Dr. Williams checked all the data and measured and decided that I was a candidate for Invisalign. I had to wear the bottom of the set for 24 weeks and the top for 54 weeks. The braces were not painful at all ( a little tight the first day after changing to a new set) and because you don’t eat with them in and take them out to brush you are able to keep your teeth and breath very fresh.

The Invisalign fit so well and show so little, only two people ever noticed that I was wearing braces and they both had either worn them or knew someone who had worn them. My twin sister who I see every day never noticed. After six months of wearing them I finally showed them to her one day when we were going to breakfast and I needed to remove them. She couldn’t believe it.

This is probably one of the best investments I have made. I am extremely happy with the look of my teeth now and (I hate to admit) I actually think I take better care of my teeth and gums now.

M. Janet Beyer

Dear Dr. Williams,

I starting going to Dr. Williams about eight years ago with a wide range of problems. First, he treated my TMJ problems which I had for years. He did an extensive workup to determine the problems and one of the problems was my wisdom teeth. He removed my wisdom teeth and started replacing my old mercury fillings and correcting some poor dental work I had done previously. He did about 11 crowns and also put me in braces. There was no pain or discomfort and I am happy with the results and am proud of my smile and often get compliments on my beautiful teeth. I was scared to go to the dentist, but no longer as Dr. Williams has calmed my fears. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Williams to my friends. My grandson will soon be in braces and I have selected Dr. Williams to do them. The office is state of the art, the staff is always polite and helpful. Thank you Dr. Williams for a great smile.

Linda K.

I’ve been to many dentists over the years, but none with the vision and expertise of Dr. Williams and his staff. The office staff strives to make you feel at home, and the hygienists and assistants are experienced and compassionate. There is a strong emphasis on education and preventive dental care in the practice. I originally consulted Dr. Williams about Lumineers veneers. As it turned out, Lumineers weren’t the right choice for me, but Dr. Williams and Suwanee Dental definitely were. My comfort level was a constant concern during all procedures, appointments were kept on time and the front desk worked me in several times on very short notice. I’m thrilled with my cosmetic result as well as with having found a dentist for life. I would recommend Dr. Williams to any and everyone without hesitation.

Olivia T.
Cumming, GA

sam cloete 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsThe Suwanee Dental Care office with Dr. Williams & his team has been a pleasure to visit every time. Dr. Williams & his team have helped me achieve a level in dental hygiene and cosmetics that I did not previously consider attainable. The care, patience, and attention to detail won me over again and again. I especially value Dr. Williams being conservative in his dental approach and always striving for excellence in everything he does. Walking into the office I feel like valued. Every person treats me with respect and warmth. It only follows that visits to the dental office is now a pleasurable experience — something I never thought I would be able to say! I am so relieved that I found this office — I can smile with confidence again!

Sam Cloete

Shirley Pfaffinger

shirley after 1 250 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDear Dr. Williams,

I have to say that going from a closed mouth smile to an open and happy smile due to the work Dr. Williams has done to my teeth has made me so very happy.. How very pleased I am. Friends and family ask me to show them off all the time. I am proud and pleased to recommend anyone to Dr. Williams for any oral work they may need. Already my daughter and grandson have joined in having “a new, happy smile” for themselves. I will continue to recommend your services any time.

Shirley Pfaffinger

Dear Dr. Williams:

“It’s like a miracle!” were the first words I said when I looked in the mirror after you finished my complicated dental work. I could hardly believe my eyes.

I found your dental practice on the Internet while looking for someone who could reconstruct my smile AND deal with my extreme phobia. Bad teeth run in my family, and after many painful experiences beginning at the age of sixteen, I developed such a phobia that I just quit going to the dentist. Many of my teeth deteriorated, several were missing, and I could hardly chew my food by the time I came to see you.

I’m a pretty sensible, responsible person, but for some reason I simply could not deal with dental work, and I dreaded the reaction of the first dentist to see me in a decade. But I was in for my first pleasant surprise! You were utterly nonjudgmental, and focused only on what improvements we could make. You had a calm, can-do attitude, reassured me that conscious sedation would make all the difference, and put me completely at ease.

After two visits under conscious sedation (I could never have had this work done any other way) where you prepared my mouth for quite a number of implants and crowns, I was even able to let you actually put the crowns and implants in without any sedation at all. Nice progress for someone who used to break into a cold sweat, cry, and sometimes faint when a dentist even entered the room.

Now I have a full set of teeth again, my smile looks great, and I don’t have to worry about the health problems that can develop when we don’t take care of our teeth. It like a miracle! Thanks for being so kind and competent. You’re my dentist for life.


P.S. Your staff is as kind and competent as you are. Please convey my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped me through this process.

Patti Neely

patty neely testimonial photo cosmetic dentistry makeover by DrWBWilliams of Suwanee Dental Care Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsThe difference in my confidence since Dr. Williams completed major dental work for me has been just amazing. My teeth were very crooked and terribly discolored because of frequent childhood illness and being hit in the mouth with a baseball.

I was so self-conscious of my mouth that I would either try to hide my smile with my hand held up to it or try to keep my lips tight when I laughed so they could not be seen. My gums were also very unhealthy due to very old fillings and crowns.

I remember one time watching the 3 and 4 yr. olds in the nursery at my church and the little ones being brutally honest as they are asked me “Why are your teeth all different colors, don’t you ever brush them?” They didn’t know any better being little ones but oh what a blow to the self-confidence that Sunday morning!

One of the unexpected surprises for me was that because my gums were so unhealthy I would get sick with upper respiratory infections and bronchitis about every three months. Since Dr. Williams gave me a healthy mouth with a dental make over I haven’t been sick in over a year. I did not realize this would be a benefit of having my teeth done. It has been wonderful to receive such a drastic improvement in my overall health and energy. In so many ways the benefits after the dental work have so far exceeded any expectations I could ever have imagined.

My new smile has brought a new measure of peace into my life. I did not realize that I was so self conscious of how my teeth looked that it was constantly on my mind. Even at a sub-conscious level I was very aware of my discolored teeth and hiding them.. Now, to smile without concern has brought a level of peace and freedom that I have not known for years.

I remember the feeling of such tremendous joy when I walked out of the office for the first time with the temporaries. I had not had a beautiful white smile in so many years. I was so excited about the preview of my white smile that I was trying to get into the wrong car in the parking lot! When I was laughing at myself I was laughing with the biggest smile I had ever shown and I have not stopped smiling since.

Words just cannot describe adequately the deep gratitude I feel towards Dr. Williams and his wife Sheila. I love being a walking advertisement for Suwanee Dental and smile any chance I get. I will look for reasons to smile now. With so much going on in the world today there are still so many reasons to smile and I want to share mine with anyone I can. I now have a smile ministry!

Blessings to all about to take the plunge, I can say first hand it is a life changing experience and I am very excited for you!

Thank you Dr. Williams in excelling in all you put your heart to; you are a blessing to many.

Patti Neely
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Todd Rawlins: Neuromuscular / Tetracycline Makeover

todd rawlins dental reconstruction by Dr Bill Williams Atlanta cosmetic dentist 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDear Dr. Williams,

My story started when I was a child and we discovered that I was allergic to Penicillin. I ended up with terrible tetracycline staining that included a deep dark line on my teeth. To add to the problem my parents were struggling and brushing my teeth wasn’t a priority. Needless to say my teeth went down hill very fast. I noticed this at an early age of about 5 years old and taught myself not to show my teeth when I smiled. This had a terrible affect on me and I ended up feeling like every body was better than me.

I struggled but ended up with a sales job where the sky was the limit. I worked hard and have done well for myself through the years. I had a lot to smile about but continued do be embarrassed about my smile. I was watching extreme makeover and in the back of my mind I told myself that one day I was going to fix my teeth. I hired a baby sitter and was talking to her and she mentioned that her mom worked at a dentist. I told her about my “dream “of having my teeth repaired. She highly recommended that see Dr. Williams.

I visited Suwannee Dental to get an idea of the cost and about 6 months later I decided that I was going to repair my teeth. 6 months later my teeth are perfect and I have learned to smile. For the first time in 38 years I no longer feel like people are better than me. My confidence is high and I smile about everything. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. The procedure has definitely changed my life for the good!

Todd Rawlins

Kris Goodjohn2 4 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsFrom the Gwinnett Gladiators:

There is no doubt that Suwanee Dental Care is an excellent choice for people in Gwinnett when it comes to their personal dental needs. From our experience, it has been easy to surmise that Bill Williams built his business through honesty, quality work, integrity and belief in community. The relationship has blossomed beyond his professional duties as the Official Team Dentist of the Gladiators — an important job, as you might imagine, for a professional hockey team. Many of our employees now use Suwanee Dental Care for their personal dental care needs as well.

It is my belief that, in most cases, people simply want to do business with someone that they like and trust. You’ll find that with Bill Williams and his associates at Suwanee Dental Care. They care about their product, their image, their patients and their community. We are proud of our affiliation with Suwanee Dental Care. We protect our smiles through them.

gladiators team dentist 100 Some Patient TestimonialsSteve Chapman
VP/General Manager
Gwinnett Gladiators
2003-2004 ECHL Central Division Champions
ECHL Affiliate of the Atlanta Thrashers

(Above photo is Kris Goodjohn, Team Forward.)

SO rightportrait 250 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsThis from Sandi Ordner:

My smile shows how pleased I am with my experience at SDC. Dr. Williams and his entire staff were thorough and flexible. Their expertise was evident from the get-go. I did not plan on getting my bottom teeth done — just a replacement of the top crowns that were never fitted right. But I was so pleased with the results on the top that I decided to go ahead and brighten my entire smile. This was very emotional to me since my teeth had been discolored for as long as I can remember due to antibiotics when I was very young. I could not help but cry (with joy) when at last I saw my new smile!

Thank you Dr. Williams and staff!
Sandi Ordner

final black smile 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsThis from Kay Schultz:

I was diagnosed with TMJ in January,2001 with numbness in my jaw and face, suffering headaches and had ringing in my ears. I was treated with neuromuscular stimulation and facial massage and eventually fitted with a titanium pain release splint.

In July, 2004, I made the decision to further improve my condition by starting the process of having porcelain crowns made to improve jaw-joint function and position. This would eliminate the need to wear the titanium pain release splint. I was a bit hesitant to start the process but was at a point where I either had to keep wearing the splint or have the improvements made and move forward. I had the 8-hour procedure, which involved putting in temporary crowns, done on March 17, 2005. After several weeks of healing, my new crowns were ready and were put in on April 13, 2005.

I am extremely happy that I went forward with the procedure. I love my smile again and my teeth feel great. I have no numbness or jaw pain, I have not had a headache in months and have no ringing in my ears. I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone who is considering having it done. Dr. Williams and his staff were wonderful and supportive and always sent me home with a new smile and a fresh flower.

Kay Schultz

doug gilmore complete smile 3 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDoug Gilmore: About Orthodontics-Reconstruction-Veneers

When I moved to Atlanta, I had to find a new dentist. Previous experiences with dentists made me hesitant to seek care as needed regularly. When I called the office at Suwanee dental care I was received politely and was given the credentials of Dr. Williams. The staff informed me that Dr. Williams was certified to perform all dental procedures without referral to a specialist. I was duly impressed.

I scheduled an appointment and was relaxed by the comfortable office environment, received kindly by the office staff, the dental staff, and by Dr. Williams himself. This put me at ease. After initial exams and cleanings, I told Dr. Williams that I really needed to do something with my teeth because they were in disrepair. Dr. Williams prescribed a hygiene plan and provided a written step-by-step plan to improve the health and appearance of my teeth. I have never had this long-term vision from a dentist. This plan let me decide how to approach each step, with a goal always in mind. I frequently travel with my job and was able to plan each step to fit into my schedule.

Dr. Williams first improved the overall health of my teeth through state of the art procedures, and then performed restorative work that has changed the appearance of my teeth to what I have always wanted.

Dr. Williams and his staff really care, I can tell, and regular visits are now something that I plan diligently. My teeth look great, are healthy, and pleasing to see in the mirror.

The other part that impressed me about Dr. Williams is his charity dental work in the U.S. and annual trips to Africa to provide dental care for those that have no dental care available.

In summary, I have to say I am very fortunate to have benefited from truly remarkable dental care.

I recommend Dr. Williams for the best dental care possible.

Douglas A. Gilmore

I have been a patient of Dr. Williams for over twenty years. When I first became his patient I was in need of gum surgery and several crowns. We made a plan to do the work that I needed over a period of time, an this worked out very well with my insurance and also my pocketbook. From the start I was very impressed with the skill, knowledge and professionalism that Dr William has, and also requires of all the staff.

He has always been on the cutting edge of his profession, and is always updating his equipment to the best available. My most recent visit to him was to get a new crown, and with the help of his new (CEREC 3) 1 had the new permanent ceramic crown and was out o the chair within 1 hour 15 minutes. I would recommend Dr. Williams and his staff to anyone. They are the best.

Conrad Miller

miller complete smiile right 300 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsRebecca Miller

Dear Dr. Williams,

Twenty Five years ago my husband started going to Dr. Williams. He was in need of extensive gum surgery, and crowns were needed. He was very confident that he was going to the best Dentist in the world. I had already been established with another dentist along with our two sons. My husband always wanted me to change to his dentist, and when my dentist retired I finely changed.

The past two years I personally had some issues with my front teeth. Old resins, cracking, and yellowing. Working with the public everyday I was very conscientious and embarrassed to even smile. But working with the Staff and Dr. Williams there was a plan to do bonding and some straightening on my upper front teeth. What a difference that made with my confidence, and I am so proud of my new look!

Dr. Williams is truly amazing in his expertise, knowledge, and caring for others. I would highly recommend him for everyone’s dental care

Rebecca Miller

seth smile complete 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsMy family and I have been patients of Dr. Williams for twenty years. He has done my ortho and my implants. My teeth look great! Everyone there is very caring. Dr. Williams can do anything! He has made my smile ! Thanks doc you’re the best!

Seth Higgins
Posted 04/05/06 on DOCTOROOGLE.COM

The dentists and hygienists are patient and informative. Their practice uses the latest technology. I had my teeth cleaned recently and it really did not hurt as it did at another office I visited. I would definitely recommend Suwanee Dental Care. The service is incredible.

Posted 06/30/2005 on

Suwanee Dental Care is wonderful! Dr. Williams is one of the nicest dentists I have ever had. They cater to people who don’t like the dentist and will do whatever it takes to help you feel comfortable. I also take my children there and they are great with kids!

Posted 06/30/2005 on

williams test ad 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDear Dr. Bill,

This was the ad that Karen and I saw 11 years ago when we decided to have Dr Williams take care of our dental needs. I’ll just get to the point. Suwanee Dental Care is tops in our book. The one thing that made our decision to select Dr. Williams was that all our dental needs were under one roof. We did not have to go to another doctor to fulfill any work that needed to be done. Dr. Williams did it all!

I have had enough work to put one of Dr. Williams’s sons through college. All kidding aside, the care you receive is great. Not only does Dr. Williams stay up current events in the dental field; his staff gets training also. They have to perform at a high quality or they will not be working in his office for very long. Believe me I know and have seen this first hand.

With today’s dental benefits it is hard to find a good dentist. My wife and I choose to go out of network to select a dentist we feel comfortable with and not a dental mill where they move you in and move you out. We pay a higher price to get a higher quality of care. Dr. Williams said something to me years ago and I still remember it. He said “I just don’t do dentistry – I do preventive dentistry.” I had to think about this a little and then it hit me… the work that Dr Williams does will prevent you from coming back in the future if you follow the oral care program he suggests at home. My problem is I’m stubborn.

Suwanee Dental Care is again tops in my book. If you are reading this testimonial you have taken the first step in selecting, to Karen and I, the best in quality dental care in the Atlanta metro area.

Tim & Karen Wemer

jimschrull150 Some Patient TestimonialsMy family has placed total trust in Dr. Bill Williams and Suwanee Dental Care. They care for my 2-year-old son, 4-year-old daughter, my wife and myself. They have a wonderful facility, state of the art equipment and a highly skilled staff.

I used to hate going to the dentist. But now I look forward to the visit. Not only do they provide my family with the best dental care, I am proud to say he is a close Christian friend of our family and look forward to seeing everyone on our visits.

Thank you for all you do for my family and the missionary outreach programs you have around the world.

Jim Schrull
Horton Automotive

Dr. Williams is an expert in dentistry. He continually updates his skills and those of his staff, using the latest technology to achieve great results. He takes time to explain procedures and answer questions. Dr. Willams and his staff are courteous and are genuinely interested in their patients. Not many people like going to their dentists, but if there is one to like going to, it’s Dr. Williams.

Rev. Bill Murray
Lilburn, GA

Dr. Williams and his office is one of very few that treats patients with respect and is always prompt with their service. Its almost impossible to have doctors and dentists that will follow-up with you. On several occasions, Dr. Williams have called me at home after treating me to check on me. Now that’s service! Professional, courteous, and an expert at what he does. What else can one ask for? I’d check all the attributes but I’m only allowed three: Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Eva Heintz, Ph.D.

It is obvious that Dr. Bill delivers incredible dental care by the way his patients as well as his staff adore him. He is on the cutting edge of technology in his field and has invested in the most up to date equipment and computers to deliver to top notch dental care.

I also admire the way he gives back to his profession by way of medical mission trips he takes every year.

Louie Morgan

Hi, Bill!

I just wanted to let you know that by 2:00 (approx.) the Novacaine had worn off and I have not had to take any Vicodin — FREEDOM!

There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you are being treated by professional with your level of skills and experience! Oh, yes! You also have a winner there with Susan (but, i am sure that you have already concluded that).

Carl Podlesny

I would not trust any other dentist. Dr. Williams would do any thing for his patients. He has even come to the office on a weekend to see my son who is in college and not living at home because he needs dental work and could not come any other time.

Our family would recommend Dr Williams to anyone with no hesitation.

Michelle Bajjani and Family

You’re probably looking for a good, honest and reliable dentist. In April of last year, while attending Emory University, I needed a dentist fast. After looking through the yellow pages for dentists in Gwinnett, I found Suwanee Dental Care. Suwanee Dental Care was professional and I would return again!

Review Posted 11/22/07 on

tussey couple 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDr. Williams,

I wanted to thank you again for inviting Glory and I to have our pictures made a couple of weeks ago (and fixing the small gaps between my front teeth where I had some movement). I checked the pictures out today and they look great (all of them). I had been to the website previously but didn’t look in the proper area.

We continue to be extremely happy with the work you and your staff have done since we moved to Suwanee in 1997. We also like to fact that you stay up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

I remember my first visit to your office when you said you were trying do slow down a bit with a smaller practice J . Looks like things grew quite a bit though thanks to the excellent work your practice provides.

I’ll see ya’ in a few weeks when I come in for my crown – looking forward to getting one made on your “new fangled crown makin’ machine”.

Take care,
Steve Tussey

I absolutely love my beautiful new smile! Dr. Williams crowned my front 8 teeth and he did such wonderful work. I only wish I had met Dr. Williams sooner. Before I had my teeth crowned they were uneven and discolored. I had large fillings in my teeth and a crown in the front that did not match the other teeth. I used to feel self-conscious smiling or having my picture taken because I thought my teeth were so unattractive.

I cringe looking back at old pictures and seeing my teeth. I did my homework when looking for a dentist. I met with several other dentists and I didn’t feel confident or comfortable with them doing the work. After I met with Dr. Williams I was convinced he would do a great job because of his credentials, experience, and integrity. Also, his staff is great and made me feel at ease during the process.

I highly recommend him to anyone that needs dental work or who doesn’t like their smile. All of my friends and family have told me how great and natural my teeth look. My teeth are now white instead of yellow. I constantly get compliments from people I meet about what I pretty smile I have. I am so happy with the results! The crowns feel great in my mouth and I love the fact that they won’t stain. I’m now enjoying drinking coffee again.

I am so grateful to Dr. Williams for giving me a beautiful smile!

Received from the web on 10/30/2007 from DEMEBSBRO

kristi arrington 150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsSedation Dentistry: Kristi Arrington

Dear Dr. Williams,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent dental care that you have given to my family and I over the past year. Since I was a teenager, I have had a severe fear of the dentist. The fear was so strong that I only went for a teeth cleaning every several years. It took every ounce of courage that I had to even go that often. Last November I made a promise to myself to find a dentist that I was comfortable with and to get on a regular dental visit schedule.

I did a lot of research. I asked all of my friends and co-workers about the dentist that they went to. I called quite a few dentists after reviewing their ads in the phone book and I did a lot of research on the Internet. I knew that I wanted to find a dentist that could perform sleep dentistry since my fear had gotten so strong. I liked everything that I heard and read about your practice so I decided to come in for a consultation.

When I arrived at your office fear once again almost overtook me and I almost got back in my car and went home. I then remembered the woman that I spoke to promised that they would not do anything to my teeth that day. She just wanted to talk to me and show me around the office.

I figured that could not hurt so I went in. Once I got in the office, your staff made me feel very comfortable. I could tell that everyone there really cared about the patients and I felt I would be in good hands. The sleep dentistry was described in detail to me and I felt comfortable with that procedure as well.

After my first cleaning I found that I needed to have some extensive dental work done, just as I had feared. You performed two root canals and four crown procedures for me during the months of November and December 2002. Although my fear was not completely gone, the sleep dentistry made me feel 200 times better about having this extensive work done.

I only remembered bits and pieces of each of the procedures and all were painless. It meant so much that you personally called the evening of each procedure to see how I was doing and that you gave me your home number to call you if there was an emergency.

I also appreciate the scheduling that your office staff took care of for me. I had planned a vacation to go snowmobiling in December and I was sure that it would be ruined by all of the dental work that I was having done so close to the time that I was leaving. Even though I was having lengthy procedures done, your staff worked with me to get me in to your office before my vacation.

I was so happy with the service that I received that I talked my Mother into coming to see you also. Her fear of the dentist was as strong as mine and she had not been in 7+ years. She was just as pleased as I was with the service that she received. I then referred my husband to your practice, who also appreciated the service.

We have all been coming back for our scheduled maintenance and we are all grateful to have found a dentist that we can trust and feel at ease with.

Thank you,
Kristi Arrington

Dental Phobic No Longer

I highly recommend Dr. Williams and his staff. I have a severe dental phobia. I had not had regular cleanings in 20 years -only going in when absolutely necessary (to replace a filling or have wisdom teeth removed).

Two years ago I decided to try and overcome my phobia enough to have my teeth inspected. I began to look into sedation dentistry and discovered Suwanee Dental.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Williams or the staff. From the beginning they have done everything they can to help ease my fears. I was fortunate that my years of neglect only resulted in me needing several crowns, fillings, and scaling. All of that was accomplished in one visit using conscious sedation.

I was so impressed by the way the procedure went and how I had been treated I decided to see how a regular cleaning would go. That was May of last year — since then I have been back every six months.

I can’t say that I now have no fears when going to the dentist — but they still work with me & the progress I’ve made in two years is unbelievable. If you were like me — please try Dr. Williams. They won’t ridicule you, pressure you or lecture you. Take the first step and just call and talk to them. They will work with you.

Dental Phobic No Longer

Dearest Dr.Williams:

Just wanted to share with you what a positive influence you have had in my confidence and how much I appreciate you.

After the past six months, you have given me a new lease on life.

When I first entered your office (after canceling two previous appointments due to extreme anxiety and petrified to go to a dentist for over twenty years), I finally took that step and walked thru the front door. Walking thru that door to Suwanee Dental Care has changed my life. When I was given my initial tour of the facility, I was constantly looking for the closest exit or a restroom where I could get to fast to be sick.

The moment that you walked in the room, my life changed. Your ability to infuse calm and sincere care is the only thing that gave me the courage to walk back in the door for the first appointment. As I remember, you were even able to get me to sit in the chair so you could look at my teeth.

Of course, my embarrassment for me you to even look at my teeth was quite overwhelming and I was just waiting for you to say something negative. Instead, you gave me hope and you totally understood how terrified I was.

Now, six months later, I can smile again and know that my confidence has changed tremendously. I can’t thank you enough.

My sister arrived from Charlottesville, Virginia today for Thanksgiving and when I smiled at her for the first time, she started crying. She couldn’t believe the dramatic change and it is all thanks for you.

Your integrity, professionalism, genuine care and compassion are undeniable.

I am looking forward (for the first time in years) to my next visit.

As a side note, when I was in the office last week, Susan was not feeling well and going home….but first, she walked over to me and told me that I would be fine and that someone else would be helping out. She is a precious jewel and has been instrumental in taking care of me on every visit , even when I have been sedated. It is obvious that your ethics and care for your patients have definitely been taken on by your staff.

P.S. The doors and the roof look awesome!!!!!

God bless you Dr. Williams.

Lisa Lacado
Former Dental Phobia Patient
(After her front teeth were completed)

Addendum sent 11/21/07 after we completed all of her work…

Dearest Dr. Wonderful,

You are the most delightful blessing in my life this year. You have changed my life in more ways than you could ever imagine. I can smile again and my smile now matches my personality which has always been upbeat and happy.

I wanted to share a story with you in hopes that you can truly understand just what you have done for me. The last job I had was working from France Telecom for a lady that was the head of commercial management. I was a Project Manager and worked with people worldwide and attended many in-person meetings and was the facilitator of those meetings.

After the second meeting, she took me aside and told me quote “unfortunately, I do not want you facilitating meetings any longer as we are working with fortune 500 companies and there is nothing more disgusting than having to look at someone constantly who has missing and bad teeth, especially a woman who is supposed to be holding an audiences attention”.

She went on to say that she knew I must be very happy to finally be doing something about it, but until then, I would be placed in another position. Needless to say, it was devastating, however true it was… it still hurt.

Now, thanks to you and Susan, I can hold my head up high and be proud.

The mirror is now my best friend and my tears are of tremendous joy.

I can hardly wait to secure a new job and be able to begin the “bottom half”.

God bless you for being you.

If you are searching for that one dentist that is excellent in his profession, compassionate, caring and trustworthy and has a true calming effect on you the moment you meet him, get to Atlanta and go see Dr. Williams!!!!

After 25 years of avoiding a dental office due to extreme fear and terrible previous experiences when I was younger, the moment you walk into the facility, your life WILL CHANGE. I drove by his office every day for over 10 years before I had the courage to review his website. I made the appointment after another two years and had my first appointment last year.

I wouldn’t even open my mouth or smile due to the condition of my teeth. Dr. Williams did not judge the condition of my teeth, he simply said “it’s nothing we can’t fix”……the best words I’ve heard in years. I have just completed my entire upper teeth and an so excited to continue with my bottom teeth and then I will be smiling so proudly and brightly, you will be able to see my smile for miles!!! God bless Dr. Williams for being who he is… simply the best!!!!

Posted on the web 11/2007

Brian Blomgren Medium 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsBill not only is an excellent dentist and recognized as a top dentist in the country for his proficiency, but he also is a well accomplished business owner and leader. Having worked with Bill for close to three years, I have seen the drive and passion that he puts into his work, family, community, and ministries.

Bill does the amazing whether it is leading a team of 30 on a dental mission trip to Kenya or turning an impossible problem in someone’s mouth to a beautiful smile. I highly recommend Bill and his team at Suwanee Dental Care for any of your dental needs and highly respect Bill for his integrity and compassion.

Brian Blomgren
Owner and Business Coach, ActionCoach

Dear Dr. Williams,

I have always dreaded going to the dentist. I had not gone for over ten years when my daughter (Kristi Arrington) recommended I come to see her dentist — you! She was particularly pleased with your “painless” dentistry. She actually made my first appointment.

I needed extensive periodontal work, deep cleaning, and a bridge among other things. The painless dentistry really was wonderful, and the follow-up care by you and your staff was kind and understanding of my “dentist phobia”. I’m glad I don’t have to worry before going to the dentist any longer. Sedation with that little pill made all the difference for me.

Thank you for my healthy mouth,

Nancy Kittle
Dacula, GA

Hi Dr. Williams,

Great staff, beautiful setting and excellent services describe Suwanee Dental Group.

After running away from the Dental office for thirty-eight years primarily because of all the horror stories I heard, and my fear of pain, I started to experience severe tooth ache that would not cease with over the counter medication. I knew I was in trouble, my face was very swollen and being a diabetic only made matters worst, I knew that my running days were over, and that a Dental appt. was my only choice. The anxiety and fear I experienced was overwhelming.

I decided to turn to the Internet for help, God is good! Christian dental offices in my area produced Suwanee Dental Care..

I viewed all the photographs of the Doctors, and Dr. Williams warm smile did it for me. I was very impressed with the vast amount of information his site provided. The FAQ column, testimonials, before and after photos did wonders for me. I must admit that I had some doubts, How could one office be so equip and its staff so efficient.

I am extremely terrified of needles, and when I read that sedation in pill form was an option for me, I was in the clouds by then. If that was not enough, Dr. Williams provided an email add. for the public to ask any question they may have. I thought, no way will he have time to reply to these emails. To my surprise he not only took time out to answer my questions, and advised me free of cost, he did so without me feeling any obligation to choose his practice for my dental needs.

I have since made my appointment, had four extractions, three filling and deep cleaning/gum treatment in one visit under sedation ( wonderful little pill) I did not feel feel any pain, could not remember having the procedures done. I was awakened to bright friendly faces assuring me that everything was taken care of. I was escorted to my car by a nurse (total privacy was provided).

I am still amazed, but I went home did not have any pain or even swelling, did not have to take any pain meds and today I am feeling GREAT! I look forward to my next VISIT. Oh, and about my doubts mentioned above, as you can see, I am a link in the chain of wonderful reviews. Oops, I forgot to mention that there are different methods of payment plans offered.

Suwanee Dental Care is truly a place of warmth and professionalism. I highly recommend it for anyone is seeking more than a dental office.

Mary Anderson

Dear Dr. Williams,

I just want you to know how much i am appreciating the care you are taking with me-after yesterday- the teeth pulling and my partial being in. It looks beautiful! I love being able to smile again- I know i have some more to go thru-but i just had to say how great my smile looks!!!!

The care you and Trina took with me yesterday made all the difference in the world-I’ve never been treated with so much care and attention. In my eyes you are wonderful and have in just this 1 day made me feel proud of myself again.

I would very much like to share my experience of you and your staff with others, just so they can know you and your staff are very caring people.

See you again real soon-got some more to do-but im not scared or dreading it at all.

Thank you,
Linda Lane

steve wood 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDear Dr. Bill and Staff at Suwanee Dental Care,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I pray this letter finds you, your family, and your staff well and enjoying God’s abundant grace.

I am writing in order to thank you for the great ministry you are doing for God in the Dental practice God has given you and through the many gifts he has blessed you with. Thank you for the personal time you have invested in my own family and especially the care and concern you have taken with our children to see that their needs have been met in such an excellent way. My children no longer fear going to the doctor or dentist because of the way you have comforted them and treated them during our visits.

Thanks as well for your commitment to quality treatment. Whether it be my own family, fellow church members, or those blessed by our community dental ministry, you have always shown a willingness to offer the best treatment available and I am sure God is pleased.

Finally, thanks as well for your global outreach and kingdom approach through the great work you have begun in Kenya with the dental ministry outreach there. We will never know this side of heaven the breadth of God’s presence and how many people he has used you to touch there.

My prayer for you and your family is strength and prosperity as you continue to give yourself to God through the fine ministry of dentistry that He has blessed you with.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Steve Wood
Senior Pastor, Sugar Hill UMC

d pt150 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsDr. Williams,

I first came to Suwanee Dental Care for a semi-annual cleaning and was immediately impressed with the patient care, as far as the immediate attention I relieved from the front desk. For once I was able to go to the dentist and not feel invisible to the people behind the desk. The atmosphere is great at Suwanee Dental Care, I can have a cappuccino while I wait and snuggle into a soft oversized sofa-chair with a book.

You can really escape from the dentist office feel. Very professional staff. Genuinely nice people who really do care. Highly trained and efficient time-wise. Across the board I had a terrific experience at Suwanee Dental Care and have recommended Dr. Williams and his staff to family and friends. Oh, and great decor! There is truly no other office like this one!

Danielle Brewer

betsy e1286134393839 150x150 Some Patient TestimonialsTMJ Dentistry

My Friendship with the GOOD ship Suwanee Dental Care by Betsy Pickren.

My first trip to Suwanee Dental Care was when it was in Stone Mountain – so it couldn’t have been Suwanee Dental Care, could it? Never mind. It was still Dr. Bill Williams and his wife Sheila. They run an excellent ship and they seem to attract great mates. I have always had smiles (they all seem to be proud of their teeth for some reason) from the Associates.

I actually first called Dr. Williams to ask his opinion about another dentist I had chosen who was geographically more desirable. I am a dentist’s dream! I have had millions of cavities, braces, crowns and at that time I was having a serious bout with TMJ. Dr. Williams is a “connected cousin” – no shared bloodlines, but lots of kinfolk in common. He was kind enough to give the other dentist his blessing.

I’ll make a very long story short. The other dentist was technically excellent. I probably was not a model patient, I will admit, but he and I both lost patience with each other. I was not relaxing during my treatments and he was making me nervous. After a number of sessions at his office, his suggestion was that I have surgery THEN braces THEN crowns on all my teeth. Neither my psyche nor my pocketbook could handle that plan.

I went back to Dr. Williams for a second opinion (or maybe in defiance). He suggested going straight to crowns to change my bite. I bit. Suddenly driving to Stone Mountain did not seem so hard. That was almost 15 years ago. No more TMJ. I see he and his Associates 3-4 times a year to keep my glowing smile, And they make the trip worthwhile. They give me smiles back — and they provide a flower as a reward.

Oh, and the best thing — Dr. Bill and the crew decided to move closer to ME!

Betsy Pickren, MS. Ed., CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Dear Dr. Williams,

On June 24, 2005, you performed a sinus lift / bone graft for me in preparation for future surgical implants. Prior to the surgery, you informed me of the benefits as well as the risks of the procedure. There was a minimum of discomfort during the procedure and I experienced a minimum of pain for a day or two afterwards.

Thus far, there have been no bad side effects or complications. Also, I am very pleased with other dental care I have received from you and your competent staff. I am grateful to have found a dentist who in my opinion performs at the highest level of professionalism and expertise. It is a pleasure to recommend you to others.


Dearest Bill,

I just spoke to Barbara and she told me what all you did for her, that you gave her back her smile. The truth is, you gave her much more: her self worth, esteem, and respect. She was ecstatic! It was good to hear her laugh; I could nearly see that bright smile through the phone. When I used to call her in Oklahoma she was always in such despair and so down.

Now, she is herself again. You have given the greatest gift. Do you remember the story about the two debtors in the Bible, and the one that was forgiven the larger debt was the most grateful and had the most love? Well… you are just like that loving, giving person. You have given an astonishing gift, more than I ever could have prayed or hoped for. I can never repay your kindness. You didn’t have to do what you did. But you will never know two more grateful souls than my little sister and me.

I love you, Bill. Thank you! Thank you for the great gift! Thank you for being you!

Christina Williams, MD
Senior Medical Officer

(This from the sister of one of our charity cases.)

Dear Dr. Williams,

I just love Suwanee Dental Care. After moving to the area, I just assumed all the best dentists would be inside the perimeter. But Suwanee Dental Care is right here and they do everything in their office–no more “specialists”, which saves me money!

Suwanee Dental Care offers the same quality service that the in-town dentists do without the drive — Suwanee Dental Care is the right dentist for my entire family including grandmama!!

Dotti Leamon

P.S. You could not ask for a better front office staff than Carol, Sheila and Margaret. Everyone is so helpful and happy about it.

Dear Dr. Williams,

My name is Becky Bradley. I have lived in Suwanee for seven years during which time I have seen different dentists in the area. None of them had met my expectations until I went to Suwanee Dental Care. Dr. Roberts, Dr. Williams and all of their staff are totally unbelievable! They are so thorough and they take the time required to make your visit pain free!

I, too, am a healthcare professional, and I understand the inherent problems of scheduling, time constraints, etc. I must say that Suwanee Dental Care has cornered the market on caring, pain free dentistry!!

They have my highest recommendations!

Becky Bradley

Dear Suwanee Dental Care,

I really appreciate you and your staff responding to my needs in an emergent manner even though I have procrastinated for so long in seeking care.

I have to say it felt very good to be able brush my teeth without feeling like one was going to fall out. I can’t wait until they are actually clean and feel the way that teeth should.

Thank you again, you and your staff went beyond my expectations to make me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation.

Nancy Quattlebaum

Dr. Williams,

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter came in for an emergency procedure yesterday and the staff of Suwanee Dental Care were amazing! I sent the following to all the parents on her NGHS Varsity cheerleading team:

FYI — if you ever need an excellent dentist, please consider Suwanee Dental Care. I had read about them in NG Trust Foundation literature so knew they did restorative, oral and cosmetic surgery. When Jackie needed immediate dental care yesterday we went directly to Suwanee Dental. They didn’t leave us sitting in the waiting room, but immediately took her back into x-rays and started her procedure within 15 minutes of us arriving!

The doctor told Jackie everything that he was going to do, which made her feel more comfortable about the process. They did an amazing job, held our hands through out, gave Jackie 2 flowers at the end and called today to make sure she was okay (excellent customer service).

Suwanee Dental was one of our sponsors for the Pageant scholarship and has been very generous to the NG Trust Foundation. It is nice being able to support someone who supports our community so generously!

Edie Carroll
Suwanee, GA

Dear Suwanee Dental Care,

I have never been a big fan of going to the dentist. Just getting my teeth cleaned was painful! But now that’s changed. I have actually enjoyed my time in their office. They have made me feel at ease, and the quality of service is excellent — from the hygienists to the front office to the dentists themselves.

I had my very first cavities filled just a couple of weeks ago and was very anxious and nervous. I don’t do needles and had no idea what to expect. The doctor was able to use air abrasion instead of a drill! He filled two cavities and put on two sealants in a matter of about 15 minutes!

The air abrasion is kind of like a mini-sandblaster, but felt like the tool they polish your teeth with to me. Didn’t hurt a BIT. Next will be Invisalign! I can’t wait. They certainly know what they’re doing at Suwanee Dental Care and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Informed Consumer #1

International Patients

Hi Dr Williams,

I arrived at Suwanee Dental Care from Bermuda in 2007 after searching online for the perfect dentist in the world for more than one year. I had been in excruciating pain for over two years because of one of my back molars. An old filling had been replaced by my local dentist. I was in excruciating pain afterwards. I went back for further treatment to no avail.

Finally, I was given a root canal to ease the pain without too much explanation of the procedure, which was irreversible. Later, my mouth became highly septic because the treatment period had been extended over two to three months instead of the usual two to three days required for a successful root canal procedure.

I had been given several courses of antibiotics without success and the permanent filling and crown for the root canal had never been done because of the recurrent infections. I was on vacation in Las Vegas when the tooth flared up really badly in 2006. The dentist there gave me more antibiotics and advised me to see an endodontist, immediately, as she was only a general dentistry practitioner.

I saw from my x-rays in Nevada that the bone around my tooth had eroded because of all the infection. On arrival at Suwanee Dental Care, Dr Bill Williams told me that if I had come to him earlier, he may have been able to save my tooth. I was given an extensive consultation as to the exact treatment procedure I needed to undergo to achieve the perfect smile. I discovered that for my whole life I had only been chewing on three of my teeth.

Dr Williams recommended dental crowns for added protection. DR B aligned my bite to encompass all of my teeth. I bite myself all the time now because I am still getting used to chewing with all of my teeth. Also, I was given a bone transplant to replace the bone I had lost from the repeated oral infections. My first visit required extraction of the infected tooth and two wisdom teeth. I remember sitting in the chair at 8:30 am to undergo the extractions.

I expected severe pain with the removal of my wisdom teeth but all I felt was a tug on my jaw. I said, “Dr Williams have you taken out my teeth yet and he replied, “See them in the tray.” I could not believe it. I was prescribed codeine but I never took the pain killers. Extra strength Tylenol was enough for me. In 2008, I say thank you Suwanee Dental Care, I have a healthy oral cavity and I am following all of Dr Bill Williams’ recommendations for my future dental care.

I have referred fellow Bermudians to Suwanee Dental Care for treatment. I believe Dr Bill Williams is the best dentist in the world and I love him dearly. I have also made mention of Suwanee Dental Care on my blog at Our Stage. I have sent you a copy of it.

Kindest regards,
W. M. Zarif
CPS Budget Business Services Owner/Manager
P O Box HM 2104
Hamilton HMJX Bermuda

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Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Vinings, Grayson, Roswell, Cumming, Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Buford, Sugar Hill, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Dacula, Lilburn, Berkley Lake, Tacoa and Bethlehem, Hiawasi, Cleveland…

Plus: London, England, Kuwait, Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, Bermuda, Jamaica, Kenya, Romania, West Africa, Nicaragua and Haiti.

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