Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures

time matters Logo 2008 150x113 Brighter Smiles for Brighter FuturesBrighter Smiles for Brighter Futures is a teeth whitening program in which a patient makes a donation in lieu of paying for dental services. Our Gwinnett county volunteer dentists then provide a selected service, usually tooth whitening, for the patient. The dentists do not receive any compensation for the services provided for Brighter Smiles, 100% of the patient’s donation goes to the Foundation.

Now in its eighth year, the Brighter Smiles program, has raised approximately $730,000 to support cancer diagnosis and treatment. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, please plan to visit one of our volunteer dentists during this program so that we can work together to meet your needs, along with the needs of those who are fighting cancer. The $250 donation is tax-deductible. The next campaign runs from October 2009 to January 2010.
Bbritesmiles Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures

Proceeds benefit Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation’s Project PATH, GMC’s vision for the future.

Proceeds from the 2009 Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures campaign will be used to purchase an ultrasound machine that will be housed in the new Women’s Imaging Center that will open at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville in early 2010.

The purpose of this center is to provide all breast imaging services in one central location on the Lawrenceville campus. This project will not only add services to the Lawrenceville campus for breast cancer detection but will enhance the physical surroundings to provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere. The experience for a woman visiting this center can be very stressful as the findings from a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy can mean a cancer diagnosis.

The Center for Women’s Services will house the following;

  • An expanded Center for Screening Mammography
  • An expanded Center for Diagnostic Mammography
  • Retail Shop offering wigs and prosthetics
  • Resource Center with breast cancer related reading material, including the Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook that’s given to each woman diagnosed with breast cancer at GMC.
  • Cancer Navigator
  • Pet CT and MRI
  • Operating Rooms dedicated to breast surgeries
  • Physician offices including Oncologists and Surgeons.

As our community keeps growing, the need for women’s imaging services continues to exceed the current Gwinnett Health System service capacity. The better access our patients have to these important services comes earlier the detection of breast cancer which allows for an accelerated intervention, resulting in a greater chance of survival for the patient.

Gwinnett Medical Center, system-wide, performs approximately 23,000 diagnostic mammograms per year, however, with this expanded diagnostic center, we could potentially reach many more patients who need these important services. It is anticipated that upon completion an additional 4,500 diagnostic mammograms, 5,000 breast ultrasounds, and 765 breast biopsies can be performed per year.

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3 Responses to “Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures”

  1. Dr. Bill Williams April 15, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    This is an update on the BSBF fundraiser campaign. We had the finale at Wine Styles last night in Snellville with many dignataries from the Gwinnett Medical Center, Gwinnett Medical Foundation and the participating dentists and their staffs attending. At this celebratory event the Foundation was presented a check for $48,300 to purchase an ultrasound machine for the Women’s Center as an aid to diagnosis.

    Since the founding of the BSBF Charity, the dentists of Gwinnett have donated nearly $800,000 to Gwinnett Medical and the Women’s Center.

    • Bill Williams, DMD September 8, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

      The kickoff for the 2011-2012 Better Smiles for Better Futures is tonight. Gwinnett Dentists are rallying to raise money through charitable works in their individual practices and donating the proceeds to the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation for research and treatment of Breast Cancer and other women’s diseases. If you wish to support these charitable endeavors, choose a participating Gwinnett Dentist and have a special tooth whitening or other procedure done that is dedicated to the BSBF campaign.

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